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"Here's a picture
of me - painting
"en plein air."
Dimitri Pavloff
From Dimitri's website ... " En plein air' is a fancy way of saying 'outdoors' in French. It probably doesn't sound as dumb in France where everyone is speaking French, but it's kind of pretentious here in California.
Look at those colors in my pallet. Why - I've got black, and white, and every shade of gray from Payne's to neutral. The Puritans wouldn't be caught dead using those colors, but that's just another silly pretension. Unlike traditional watercolorists, I think of white paper as my natural enemy. (If God wanted to see white paper He wouldn't have created paint.) I do my best to wipe out the white paper and cover it up. All of it. There's nothing wrong with the traditional approach of leaving the white paper alone, but there's nothing wrong with my way either. Turner didn't leave any white paper - at least none that I could ever find. And Henry Miller once said of him, 'His paintings glow like opals in the dim light of the London Museum.' I like that!"

Dimitri Pavloff explained he once brought a fishing boat up the coast from Berkeley and met some very high seas. That experience was the inspiration for this painting.

Dimitri did many works in the Bodega Bay area, and some are still exhibited at Bodega Bay's Local Color Gallery. He is expanding his painting locales to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He has definite ideas of how to pursue his art.

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Dimitri Pavloff Stormy Night

Dimitri Pavloff Stormy Night Signature
Fishing boat and high seas
Watercolor, 21 x 25

Dimitri Pavloff Stormy Night with Frame

Dimitri Pavloff Stormy Night Closeup