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Featuring The Joshua Meador
Desert Paintings
by Kathi Hilton
Seascapes & Landscapes
by Alex Dzigurski II
Seascapes & Landscapes
by Linda Sorensen
Watercolors by
Jean Warren
Bodega Bay Photography by Diane Perry

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NOW on exhibit through September 3, 2012
Jack Stuppin Songs of the Earth Exhibition

Jack Stuppin, "Songs of the Earth"
Jack Stuppin Exhibition
"Songs of the Earth" The Joy of Color
Scenes from the Pomegranate Communications
2013 Calendar of Jack Stuppin's Work
now at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery through Labor Day

Jack Stuppin's friends will tell you he is a force of nature, but the message contained in his paintings is that all of us are. The landscape is not an objective thing apart from us. Jack wants us to know we are part of it in all its power and its joyful majesty. It is within us.

Jack is well read and contemplative, He expresses himself with positive exuberant confidence and joy. His painting is the embodiment of his spirit. He has always

***** Mark your calendars for a reception at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery on Saturday, July 21 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM. *****
Jack will be on hand to meet visitors along with Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Artists Jean Warren, Linda Sorensen and Diane Perry.
Dan will meet and greet. Our neighbor Ren Brown has graciously accepted our invitation to open The Ren Brown Collection during the reception.

been thrilled with color which lead to studies in art and painting. Like all artists, Jack begins with the daunting task of facing a blank canvas, but then designs his landscape compositions with a sense of mission. He is knowledgable of how color affects the conscious and subconscious mind, and employs this understanding as he infuses his artistic expressions with color.

Jack Stuppin Pacific Day Oregon
Pacific Day, Oregon 2008

The underlying philosophy of Jack Stuppin's approach to landscape painting is well capsulated in a phrase from Walt Whitman's Songs of the Rolling Earth,
"... the substantial words are in the ground and sea, They are in the air, they are in you ..."

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman

Through his painting, Jack Stuppin responds to the vibrancy and life all around him, the landscape, the land, sea and air. With his understanding of the painting art, the science of color and how it is perceived, Jack seeks to express and share his joy in the sustaining power and majesty of the landscape. People are more than the sum of their parts, they are part of

life's web and the surrounding life. Jack's landscapes are an invitation for the viewer see the surrounding landscape in new ways, to reverberate and reflect its power, life, joy and majesty.

Jack Stuppin Arroyo Hondo
Arroyo Honda 2011
Jack Stuppin Laguna Stream
West County Laguna Stream 2010

This exhibition includes all twelve scenes from Pomegranate Communications 2013 Calendar of Jack Stuppin's work. Each of the twelve images is offered as a framed "one of three" limited edition pigment print on canvas. Unframed images are also available, printed on "color elegance platinum rag," each signed and numbered in a limited edition run of 12. All works are accompanied with artist signed certificates of authenticity.

Of course, the 2013 Pomegranate Communications 2013 Songs of the Earth Calendar and greeting cards are available for sale.

Jack Stuppin Michaels Apples
Michael's Apples
Jack Stuppin Purple Pepperwood
Purple Pepperwood
Jack Stuppin West County
West County
Jack Stuppin Summer Elephant Mountain
Elephant Mountain

Jack Stuppin Summer Armstrong Woods
Summer, Armstrong Woods, 2010
Jack Stuppin Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock and Dead Tree, 2009
Jack Stuppin Radiant Adirondack
Radiant Adirondacks 2011
Jack Stuppin Kaaterskill Falls
Kaaterskill Falls, 2011
Jack Stuppin Russian River Rhapsody
Russian River Rhapsody, 2011, (29 3/4 x 28 3/4)

Josh Meador and sketch pad
Josh with ever present sketch pad
Sonoma County as painted by Joshua Meador
1940's and 50's

Joshua Meador loved his day job at Disney Studios. But his true passion was plein air painting. Sonoma County was one of his favorite locales. After World War II when he was on hiatus from the Disney studios, Josh along with his wife Libby and their son Philip would load up their wood paneled station wagon and tear drop trailer and head to the glory of California's landscapes. Although Josh never set up his studio in Sonoma County, he did visit here regularly, and really enjoyed Bodega Bay.

Today, Josh is best known as a major pioneer in effects animation. His son Phil often abbreviated Josh's accomplishments by saying "Josh was the one who put the fairy dust in Tinkerbell and the "Z" in Zorro." But he was much more than that. Whether the bubbling lava in the Rite of Spring section of Fantasia, the soap bubbles sequence in Cinderella, the water scenes in Dumbo or the  Monstro chase sequence in Pinocchio, Josh would find ways to enable challenging artistic ideas into Disney animation. In the mid 1950's, Walt loaned Josh to MGM Studios to do special effects animation for their sci-fi blockbuster and now genre classic, Forbidden Planet.

As a high school student in the late 1920's, Josh was a top-notch student and athlete. He impressed many people and was honored with an appointment to the Naval Academy. But with extraordinary courage, he informed his father that he wanted to study art instead. To his father's credit, he accompanied Josh to Chicago where Josh's portfolio gained him admission into the prestigious Art Institute. After graduating cum laude, Walt Disney hired him. Libby and Josh made their way to California to embark on an exciting thirty-year long career, participating in all the major Disney films of that early era.

Joshua Meador participates in 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree.
This Disney short film was produced and broadcast as part of
Walt Disney's Sunday night television episode entitled,
s in Art, broadcast in April of 1958.
It is introduced and narrated by Walt Disney,

Joshua Meador Bodega Dock
Bodega Dock, Private Collection

The paintings below were done in Sonoma County in the late 1940's and early 1950's. The Meador family vacationed here because Josh enjoyed all the opportunities Sonoma County offered for scenic plein air painting. All of the Sonoma County paintings which are still available will be on display at the gallery during July and August. The ones marked "private collection," are paintings we have sold.

Bodega Dock show's Merideth Wharf as it looked in better days, unloading the catch of local fishermen. Today, this vintage structure is dissolving from its pilings, the effect of weather and neglect. (Private Collection)

Rainy Day
is a scene on the road leading out of the town of Bodega. The vantage point Josh had for this painting was atop the Bodega General Store.

Bodega Pier
is just what its name suggests, a pier somewhere on the inner bay, with empty wooden row boats towards sunset.

Joshua Meador Rainy Day
Rainy Day (Bodega),
Available, on view at the gallery (This painting appears to have been done plein air
from atop of today's Bodega Country Store.)
Local Bodega residents recall the farmhouse which is no longer standing.

Joshua Meador Bodega Pier
Bodega Pier, Available, on view at the gallery

Joshua Meador Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor (Bodega Bay), Available, on view at the gallery
Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's HouseCaptain Vallejo's Casa, (Sonoma) , Available, on view at the gallery

Inner Harbor shows assorted sail boats and fishing boats at rest in a classic circular composition.

Captain Vallejo's Casa
is the home of General Vallejo's older brother who was the leader of the Sonoma Mission's garrison. It still stands today as the Swiss Hotel on the square in downtown Sonoma, just a couple of doors down from the Sonoma Mission.

shows a boat, neglected and allowed to wind up on the mudflats of Bodega Harbor, seemingly cast away. (Private Collection)

Duncans Mills
shows the town as it looked in the late 1940's. The facade of building to the left still stands, although today it is painted red. The building which houses today's Cape Fear Restaurant has not yet been built.

Stewarts Point is just south of the Stewart's Point General Store. On a recent drive north, I think parts of that old redwood fence are still standing. (Private Collection)

Joshua Meador Duncans Mills
Duncans Mills,
Available, on view at the gallery
Joshua Meador Castaway
(Bodega Bay), Private Collection
Joshua Meador Stewarts Point
Stewart's Point,
Private Collection
Joshua Meador
(Bodega Bay), Private Collection
Joshua Meador Windbreak
(location undetermined),
Available, on view at the gallery

In Remote, a lonely fishing boat is at rest, secured by lines to unused pilings awaiting another day at sea. (Private Collection)

Windbreak is a recent acquisition for our gallery. As of yet, we've not determined the locale. It could certainly has the look and feel of Sonoma or Mendocino Counties. To those with long memories,please let us know if you can identify its location.

California Style Watercolors ... works by Milford Zonres, Robert E. Wood and others
and works by our gallery regulars, Kathi Hilton, Alex Dzigurski II, Jean Warren, Diane Perry, and Linda Sorensen