at the gallery, October - December '08
Specialties of Our Gallery, a selection from each of our specializations
which have captured the interest of our gallery visitors.

This exhibit combines works from previous exhibits most liked by our gallery visitors along with works never before exhibited here, including Southern California scenes by Karl Schmidt, stunning mixed media collages of Alexander Nepote, and local painter Lisbeth Hoen, and new acquisitions of Dzigurski and of Victor Clyde Forsythe.

Grace Allison Griffith Sheep Hills and Eucalyptus Thumbnail
Grace Allison Griffith
and associated
Ralph Love Desert Hills Thumbnail
Ralph Love
and Joshua Meador
Nepote Alexander Green Pool Thumb .jpg
Alexander Nepote
(very large) mixed media collages

Dedrick Brandes Stuber Eucalyptus and Farmhouse Thumbnail
impressionists such as
Dedrick Stuber,
Gustav Magnussen

and Karl Schmidt

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Ralph Baker
1908 - 1976
Shed, Ladder and Tree
Ralph Baker Lake Webber Midsized Thumbnail

Alexander Dzigurski
1911 - 1995
Dzigurski Alexander photo .jpg

To the Right ... Originally produced in the 1970’s as a 16 mm film, “Palette and Symphony” shows Alexander Dzigurski painting locales in the western U.S.

Alexander Dzigurski Crashing Waves Midsized Thumbnail
Crashing waves

Emery Bertha Luce Ackerman Creek 1919 Thumb .jpg

Bertha Luce Emery
1873 - 1957

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Victor Clyde Forsythe 1885 - 1962
Victor Clyde Forsythe California Desert Painter Clyde Forsythe Warmth of the Desert Midsized Thumbnail
Warmth of the Desert
Victor Clyde Forsythe River Reflection Midsized Thumbnail
River Reflection
Victor Clyde Forsythe Desert Life Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Life

Grace Allison Griffith 1885 - 1955

Photo of Grace Griffith circa 1905
Photo of Grace Griffith, circa 1905

Grace Allison Griffith Spring Shower Valley of the Moon Midsized Thumbnail
"Spring Shower, Valley of the Moon"
Grace Allison Griffith Early Spring Midsized Thumbnail
"Early Spring"
Grace Allison Griffith Sheep Hills and Eucalyptus Midsized Thumbnail
Sheep, Hills and Eucalyptus
Grace Allison Griffith Poplars Path and Fence Midsized Thumbnail
Poplars, Path and Fence
Grace Allison Griffith California Oak and Sheep Midsized Thumbnail
California Oak and Sheep
Grace Allison Griffith Poplar Trio and Brook Midsized Thumbnail
Poplar Trio and Brook
Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Stream Midsized Thumbnail
Oak and Stream
Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Spring Midsized Thumbnail
Mossy Oak and Spring
Grace Allison Griffith Pasture and Eucalyptus Midsized Thumbnail
Pasture and Eucalyptus

Nels Hagerup 1864 - 1922
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Hagerup Nels Surf Crashing Thumb .jpg Hagerup Nels Breakers Thumb .jpg Hagerup Nels Raccoon Straits Thumb .jpg Nels Hagerup Docked by the Golden Gate Thumbnail
Hagerup Nels Across Golden Gate Thumb .jpg Hagerup Nels Beach Thumb .jpg Hagerup_Nels_Sunset_Beach_San_Francisco_Thumb.jpg Nels Hagerup Beached Schooner Thumbnail

Elizabeth Hoen

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Elizaabeth Hoen Sonoma Valley Thumbnail

Lorenzo Palmer Latimer
1857 - 1941

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Lorenzo Palmer Latimer Redwoods Thumbnail

Ralph Love Photo
Ralph Love 1907 - 1992
Ralph Love Desert Midsized Thumbnail
Desert landscape
Ralph Love Desert Hills Midsized Thumbnail
Storm Against Desert Hills
Ralph Love Near the Salton Sea Midsized Thumbnail
"Near the Salton Sea"

Gustav Adolph Magnussen 1864 - 1944
Gustave Adolph Magnussen Bullfrog Lake Midsized Thumbnail
Bullfrog Lake
Gustave Adolph Magnussen Laguna Canyon Midsized Thumbnail
Laguna Canyon Road
Gustave Adolph Magnussen Pekingese Dog Midsized Thumbnail
Pekingese Dog

Joshua Meador 1911 - 1965
Josh was an artist for Walt Disney Studios for thirty years. His career began in the midst of the Great Depression, just after his graduation from the Art Institute of Chicago. He participated in most of the Disney classic films, and for most of his tenure, his title was director of special effects. Josh loved his job at Disney, but always thought of himself as a landscape painter first. On weekends and vacations, he would pack his station wagon and teardrop trailer and head off with his wife Libby and son Philip to paint the many dimensions of California's natural beauty. Top of Page
Joshua Meador Coastal Rocks and Crashing Waves Thumbnail
Coastal Rocks and Crashing Waves
Joshua Meador Duncans Mills Thumbnail
Duncans Mills
, circa 1940
Joshua Meador The Red Barn Thumbnail
Red Barn
images/Joshua Meador Quaking Aspens Thumbnail
"Quaking Aspens"

Alexander Nepote 1913 - 1986

Alexander Nepote Roadside Produce Stand Midsized Thumbnail
Produce Stand
Nepote Alexander Green Pool Mid .jpg
"Green Pool Grotto"
Alexander Nepote Canyon Rock Death Valley Midsized Thumbnail
Canyon Rock Death Valley
Alexander Nepote Colorful Cliff Grotto Midsized Thumbnail
"Colorful Cliff Grotto"
Nepote Alexander Seaside Farm Mid .jpg
"Road to the Coast" 1957
Nepote Alexander Verso Hilltop Farm 2 Mid .jpg
Hilltop farm buildings
(verso "Road to the Coast")
 Alexander Nepote Midsized Thumbnail
(Manner of Nepote)
Barn and Stormy Skies

Carl Sammons 1886 - 1968 Car Sammons Photo Portrait
Sammons Carl Mt Lake Mid .jpg
Mountain Lake
Sammons Carl Ocotillo Mid .jpg

Karl Schmidt 1890 - 1962
Karl Schmidt Rocky Cove Midsized Thumbnail
Rocky Cove
Karl Schmidt Coastal Oaks and Eucalyptus Midsized Thumbnail
Coastal Oaks and Eucalyptus
Schmidt Karl Ranchero Mid. jpg
Schmidt Karl Pink Hillside Mid .jpg
Seaside Cliffs
Karl Schmidt Shepherdess and Flock Midsized Thumbnail
Shepherdess and Flock
Karl Schmidt Mountain Glacier 1924 Midsized Thumbnail
Mountain Glacier 1924
Karl Schmidt Sailboats on a Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Sailboats on a Beach
Karl Schmidt Rocky Coastal Scene Midsized Thumbnail
Rocky Coastal Scene
Kar Schmidt Trees on a Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Trees on a Beach

Dedrick Brandes Stuber Springtime in the Desert Midsized Thumbnail
Springtime in the Desert
Dedrick Brandes Stuber
1878 - 1954
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Eucalyptus at Twilight Midsized Thumbnail
Eucalyptus at twilight
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Cathedral Midsized Thumbnail
"Desert Cathedral"
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Silver Morning Midsized Thumbnail
"Silver Morning"
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Eucalyptus and Farmhouse Midsized Thumbnail
Eucalyptus and farmhouse
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Stream in Moonlight Midsized Thumbnail
Stream in Moonlight
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Atmospheric Sunset Landscape Midsized Thumbnail
Atmospheric Sunset Landscape
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Lake and Hills Midsized Thumbnail
Lake and hills

Milford Zornes 1908 - 2008
Milford Zornes Photo Milford Zornes Mt San Antonio Midsized Thumbnail
Mt. San Antonio 1989
Milford Zornes Orchard with Grey Skies
Orchard Under Grey Skies 1941
Milford Zornes Canyon de Chelly Midsized Thumbnail
Canyon de Chelly 2001
Milford Zornes Rivers End Midsized Thumbnail
Rivers Bend 1948