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August 2018
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Now Available at Bodega Bay
Heritage Gallery's showroom

Joshua Meador Aria Da Capo
Joshua Meador
Aria Da Capo

Oil on linen, 8 x 10

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Now available on sale
at the Sixth Street Playhouse
Railroad Square, Santa Rosa

Linda Sorensen Skyfall
Skyfall, 24 x 30

Joshua Meador Photo
Joshua Meador
Atelier One exhibition

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's
showroom in Graton, CA
Nicolai Fechin Self Portrait
Nicolai Fechin,
The Taos Art Museum's Fechin paintings, and his Taos home
JMW Turner The Exile and the Rock Limpet
J. M. W. Turner's Biblical, historical and mythological paintings at the Tate Britain
(4th in series)

Atellier One Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Showroom
Joshua Meador 1911-1965 Atelier One exhibition
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery showroom, through September 23, 2018
OPEN HOUSE Labor Day Weekend ... FRI, SAT & SUN
For an appointment, email, text or call ... / 707-875-2911 / MAP
Note: Our whole inventory cannot be displayed at one time/place, so view our websites first, and if there is a particular painting you wish to see, please alert us beforehand. |
OPEN HOUSE ... LABOR DAY WEEKEND (Fri, Sat, & Sun, 12:00 - 5:00 PM) ... We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE at Linda Sorensen's artist studio and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's showroom. Linda has a lovely group of paintings on exhibit as she prepares for this year's Art Trails, and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery offers our first Atelier One exhibition of Joshua Meador paintings, featuring our Disney and Meador Family Collections as well as a selection of our own Joshua Meador paintings.

Friday August 31 our building, Atelier One at 2860 Bowen Street in Graton, is open up to 5:00 p.m. Come on in -- we're in Studio 5 at the far left end of the ground floor, from noon to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, the Atelier One building is locked. To gain access, go to Atelier One's uphill door (on the South end of the building, see photo above.) You should be able to see us through, and knock on, the corner window. Or phone or text. We will come open the gate up the ramp, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Joshua Meador was a mid century regional impressionist. He loved the California Coast, often staying in Bodega Bay as he painted throughout Sonoma County.

Joshua Meador graduated with honors from the Art Institute in Chicago in 1935. In the midst of the Great Depression Josh was thrilled to land an opportunity at Walt Disney Studios. He quickly rose to become the studio's Director of Animation Effects for nearly 30 years.

Although he loved his job at Disney, Josh always thought of himself as an impressionist. When on painting excursions, he often explained to admirers behind his easel, "First and foremost, I'm an impressionist, Disney is my day-job."

This exhibition includes four paintings from the Disney collection, paintings once owned by Walt Disney and displayed at Walt's Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs. Others are from the Meador family collection and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's collection.

Beyond our OPEN HOUSE, Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Showroom is open by appointment
. If you wish to see us at a time better suited for your busy schedule, please make an appointment. Consider other paintings from our on-line collection, let us know what you're interested in viewing and we will have them at the showroom for your appointment. The paintings linked below are currently on display. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos and more information.
Coastal and Harbor Scenes
Joshua Meador Tending the Net
Tending the Net
36 x 30
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Caspar Point II
Caspar Point II

24 x 36
Joshua Meador Bay Frontage midsized thumbnail
Bay Frontage
18 x 24
Joshua Meador Carmel Coast Midsized Thumbnail
Carmel Coast
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Sur Montage Midsized Thumbnail
Sur Montage, 20 x 27
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Pacific Cove Midsized Thumbnail
Pacific Cove, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Cliff Shapes Mid Sized Thumbnails
"Cliff Shapes," 24 x 36
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Boats in Monterey
Boats in Monterey

20 x 27
Joshua Meador Shoreline Midsized Thumbnail
Shoreline, 16 x 12
Joshua Meador Point Arena Light
Point Arena Light
12 x 16
Joshua Meador Untitled Red Sunset Boats on Beach
Untitled, Red Sunset,
Boats on Beach,
8 x 10
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Estuary Seabirds Midsized Thumbnail
Estuary Seabirds, 6 x 8
Joshua Meador Sandpipers Midsized Thumbnail
Sandpipers, 6 x 8
Fishing from Shore, 6 x 8
Joshua Meador Figures on a Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Figures on a Beach 6 x 8
Meador Family Collection
Coastal Hills, Farms and Towns
Joshua Meador The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters,
24 x 34
Joshua Meador Veiled Morning
Veiled Morning,

20 x 27 -- on hold
Joshua Meador Playground
18 x 24
Joshua Meador Cannery Row Midsized Thumb
Cannery Row,
22 x 30
Joshua Meador Sheep Ranch Mendocino Midsized Thumbnail
"Sheep Ranch" Mendocino
24 x 34
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Generations Midsized Thumbnail
Generations, 22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Perimeter
Perimeter, 27 x 40
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa
Captain Vallejo's Casa, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Jack's Horses Midsized Thumbnail
Jack's Horses, 14 x 18
Meador Family Collection
Desert Southwest and the Disney Collection,
paintings once owned by Walt Disney personally and displayed at Disney's Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs
Joshua Meador Forum
Forum #1825
22 x 30
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Pow Wow Midsized Thumbnail
Pow Wow, 18 x 14
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Smoke Trees Midsized Thumbnail
Smoke Trees, 20 x 27
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Far Beyond Disney Collection Midsized Thumbnail
"Far Beyond," 14 x 18
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Patriarch
Patriarch #1304
22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador South Nevada Midsized Thumbnail
South Nevada, 22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Eastern Sierra, Southern California, Related to Disney Studios, & Central America
Joshua Meador Fantasy Concept Painting Midsized Thumbnail
"Untitled, Fantasy Concept'
Meador family collection
18 x 14
Joshua Meador Fresh Water Midsized Thumbnail
Fresh Water

18 x 24
Joshua Meador Road to Mt Whitney Midsized Thumbnail
Road to Mt. Whitney
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Wintertide
6 x 8
Sierra Autumn
6 x 8
Joshua Meador Snowfalls Golden Moment
Snowfall's Golden Moment

6 x 8
Joshua Meador San Francisco Guatemala Midsized Thumbnail
San Francisco, Guatemala
Meador Family Collection
14 x 18
Joshua Meador Strolling in the Park Midsized Thumbnail
Strolling in the Park
Meador family collection
24 x 36
Aria Da Capo Joshua Meador midsized Thumb
Aria Da Capo, Fantasy Concept
Meador family collection
8 x 10
Joshua Meador Wild is the Wind Midsized Thumbnail
Wild is the Wind
24 x 34
Meador Family Collection

Nicolai Fechin 1881-1955,
The Taos Art Museum's Fechin paintings, and his Taos home
Portrait of Karl Marx, 1818-1883 (done posthumously in 1918, Marx's centeniel year)
Portrait of Karl Marx, 1818-1883
(done posthumously in 1918, Marx's centennial year)
Nicolai Fechin
General Douglas MacCarther Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of General Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964
Nicolai Fechin
On view at the Fechin House, Taos Museum of Art
Lillian Gish Nicolai Fechin 1925
Portrait of Lillian Gish 1925, 1893-1993
Nicolai Fechin
American film actress for 75 years

What do an American WWII general, a Hollywood star and a Russian Revolutionary have in common?

Their portraits were done by Russian-American artist Nicolai Fechin. Nicolai was an international painting phenomenon from Russia before he came to America. His stellar career was the reason he was able to exhibit in New York City and later establish himself as an American artist in Taos and Southern California.

Nicolai Fechin's most improbable biography began in Kazan, Russia, about 500 miles due east of Moscow. He was an exceptional art student at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and traveled throughout Europe and even to America on a scholarship. There he made contacts which eventually allowed him to escape Russia and the years of deprivation and hardship caused by the Russian Revolution.

Throughout his career, Fechin maintained friendships with a wide circle of artists. Soon after his arrival in New York, his friendship with the famous New York illustrator and cartoonist Clyde Forsythe and his artist friend John Burnham proved quite valuable.

Portrait of Vladimir Illyich Lenin 1918, 1870-1924
Nicolai Fechin, 1918

Portrait of my Friend Nicolai by Clyde Forsythe
Portrait of my Friend Nicolai
by Clyde Forsythe

A n exceptional video tour of 320 Fechin paintings drawn from museum and private collections world wide.
Play it on widescreen and be amazed by a wide ranging body of work.

According to LA Times editor, Ed Ainsworth, it was Forsythe and Burnham who admired a Fechin painting of "eggs in a skillet" while visiting New York's Grand Central Galleries.

The Fechin paintings below are all on exhibit at the Taos Art Museum
(also on exhibit were paintings from Taos area artists, including the Taos Society of Artists)

Forsythe and Burnham pressed the gallery for Fechin's New York address and visited him in his modest New York flat. Despite the language barrier, they became friends at once.

In 1927, Fechin contracted tuberculosis, and on the best medical advice, relocated his wife and daughter to Taos, New Mexico. He was drawn there by the Taos Society of Artists, including Joseph Henry Sharp, Ernest Blumenschein, Irving Couse, Oscar Berninghaus, Bert Phillips, and Buck Dunton.

The Taos Society of Artists shared Fechin's passion for native people. Fechin first came to love aboriginal people as an art student while visiting Siberia in 1904.

Portrait of Father Fishing, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Father Fishing, Nicolai Fechin
Alexandra on the Volga, Nicolai Fechin
Alexandra on the Volga
, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Baby Eya, Nicholai Fechin
Portrait of Baby Eya, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eya in Judo Gi, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eya in Judo Gi
, Nicolai Fechin

Ed Ainsworth writes, "In Taos, the immemorial Indian village beyond Sante Fe, Nicolai settled, reveling in the immense spaces, the unbelievable brilliance of the atmosphere, the patient plodding Indians, the red, yellow and dun cliffs and mountains. With his own hands, he built a dwelling of native materials.

From the gnarled woods of the mesas and hillsides he began carving heads and figures. Onto his canvases he transplanted all the people and scenes that stirred his imagination so mightily. Fechin loved Taos, especially his Indian friends, many of whom posed for him."

Today, Fechin's house is home to the Taos Art Museum, and displays work by Fechin and works by the Taos Society of Artists. The home itself is part of the museum, and has now been placed on the National Register of Historic places.

Six years after having built his Taos home, Fechin and his wife Alexandra divorced. Nicolai left Taos and soon after moved to Los Angeles. Alexandra remained in the Taos home until her death in 1983.

Nicolai spent the last 22 years of his career in Southern California. Immediately after the divorce, he traveled to Southern California, Mexico, Japan, and Java and Bali in Indonesia. When he returned, he purchased a home in Hollywood and some years later, he moved to Santa Monica. To maintain his livelihood, he did portraits for wealthy clients and celebrities and continued painting for himself, often indulging his passion for native American subjects.

Portrait of Eya in Peasant Blouse, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eya in Peasant Blouse
, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eya with a Cat, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eya with a Cat, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eleanor Kissel, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Eleanor Kissel, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of a Russian Singer with Fan, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of a Russian Singer with Fan, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Nude with a Shell, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Nude with a Shell, Nicolai Fechin

Over the years, Nicolai's old friendship with Clyde Forsythe and John Burnham reasserted itself. They introduced Fechin to a wide circle of artists, especially the California Desert painters. Burnham had a house in Palm Springs. It wasn't so much of a house as it was a compound with a main house, a two bedroom guest house and three bungalows. The Burnham compound was located just down the block from artist Gordon Coutts' home.

Coutts was a renowned artist and entertainer. He was a member of San Francisco's Bohemian Club who relocated to Palm Springs for health reasons. Coutts built a desert castle for himself,

Portrait of Katherine, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Katherine
, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Manicure Lady, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Manicure Lady, Nicolai Fechin

modeled in the motif of castles he had known in Tangiers, and named it "Dar Marroc." Today, his former home is an historic hotel named Korakia. When owned by Coutts, it was a center of Palm Springs culture, with visiting friends and artists such as Nicolai Fechin and Grant Wood. Other notable guests to Coutts' Dar Marroc studio were friends, Winston Churchill and Rudolph Valentino.

Portrait of Ulle Kitaeve, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Ulle Kitaeve, Nicolai Fechin
Nicolai Fechin Balinese Dancer
Portrait of a Balinese Dancer

Meanwhile, down the block from the famed Gordon Coutts, John Burnham rented out his smaller cottages to LA artists to make Burnham's bungalows into their visiting Palm Springs studios. Nicolai Fechin, Jimmy Swinnerton and Maynard Dixon were among them. According to Forbes magazine, Burnham's artist compound was Palm Springs first gated community.

During one of Fechin's stays in Palm Springs, a young unknown artist, but a good friend of Forsythe, Swinnerton and Dixon came to meet Nicolai.

In the 1930's, John W. Hilton was young with lots of black hair and made his livelihood from a gem shop and art gallery in Thermal, south of Indio. He had already studied privately with Maynard Dixon. Hilton was overjoyed to learn Fechin was staying in Palm Springs for the winter, and seized the opportunity when he learned that Nicolai hated to drive. John Hilton became Nicolai's driver, and introduced Nicolai to scenic places throughout the desert and to the local native Americans Hilton knew so well. In exchange, Fechin offered to criticize Hilton's work.

Hilton spoke of his relationship with Fechin in The Man Who Captured Sunshine by Katherine Ainsworth. He said, "Nicolai was a small intense man with steely, penetrating blue eyes. It was a though he possessed an inner smoldering fire of creativity and those eyes looked keenly into another person's soul and all shoddiness was burned away. With Nicolai, a person's petty meannesses and false pretenses shrank and disappeared."

After Nicolai's death in 1955, Nicolai was initially buried in Santa Monica. Twenty-one years later, in 1976, his daughter Eya took Nicolai's remains back to his home town of Kazan, Russia.

Today, Russians proudly consider Nicolai Fechin as one of their country's greatest painters. Kazan's Museum of Fine Arts is home to the largest collection of Fechin works.

Nicolai Fechin Abstract Composition
Abstract Composition
Driftwood Monster, Nicolai Fechin
Driftwood Monster
, Nicolai Fechin
Mexican Horse, Nicolai Fechin
Mexican Horse
, Nicolai Fechin

, Nicolai Fechin
Chicken Coop, Nicolai Fechin
Chicken Coop
, Nicolai Fechin
Russian House, Nicolai Fechin
Russian House
, Nicolai Fechin

Arroyo Hondo Mountains
Bearded Man, Nicolai Fechin
Bearded Man
, Nicolai Fechin
Nasturtiums, Nicolai Fechin
, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Walter Clark, Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Walter Clark
, Nicolai Fechin

In early July, Linda and I visited Nicolai Fechin's Taos home. The house is a work of art, lovingly built with carving skills Fechin learned in Russia from his father. For a brief six years, it was the home of Nicolai, his wife Alexandra and his daughter Eya. After Nicolai and Alexandra divorced, Nicolai moved to Hollywood and later, Santa Monica. Alexandra remained in the home until her passing in 1983.

Pan photo of Nicolai Fechin's studio in Taos, NM
Pan photo of the studio Nicolai Fechin designed and built in Taos, NM
Nicolai Fechin House Exterior Sante Fe Nicolai Fechin's Taos Studio window Nicolai Fechin House Exterior Sante Fe
Nicholai Fechin House Interior 1st Floor
Dining Room

Nicolai Fechin House Interior Carving Tools
Nicolai's carving tools cabinet,
inset into the wall for ready access.

LIving Room
Living Room
Stairway and back hall
Stairway and back hall
Upstairs Sun Room
Upstairs Sun Room
Upstairs master bedroom
Upstairs Master Bedroom
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's collection includes works by artists mentioned in this article ...
Clyde Forsythe | Jimmy Swinnerton | Gordon Coutts | John W. Hilton | The Taos Art Museum

J. M. W. Turner's
Biblical, Historical and Mythological Paintings at the Tate Britain
(4th in series)
Tate Britain Museum
The Tate Britain, on the Thames in London

In 1966, 115 years after J. M. W. Turner's death, the American abstract expressionist Mark Rothko said, "This guy Turner, he learnt a lot from me."

Rothko is known for massive canvases containing blocks of subtly shifting colors. He was impressed by Turner's determination to pare back

JMW Turner Self Portrait
Self Portrait by JMW Turner, age 22, c 1799

paintings until they became almost pure evocations of light and mood. Rothko deeply admired Turner, but in his own day, Turner was not universally appreciated. Many Victorian curators considered his work too odd for public view.

Visitors to the Tate Britain with JMW Turner Self Portrait
MAY 2018 article
J. M. W. Turner, English landscape paintings at London's Tate Britain (1st in series)
JMW Turner Peace Burial at Sea
JUNE 2018 article
J. M. W. Turner's Maritime Paintings at the Tate Britain
(2nd in series)

As a young painter, Turner tried to please the Royal Academy in London, which, at the time, was promoting the Grand Style of painting, epitomized by classical or biblical narratives by painters like Titian, Poussin, Rembrandt or Claude Lorraine. To this classical style, Turner evolved his use of light and color to express mood.

JMW Turner Thumb
J. M. W. Turner's European and Venetian Paintings at the
Tate Britain (3rd in Series)

Turner looked to mythology, history and the Bible for stories he wished to tell, with his expressive atmospheric style. He was particularly interested in ancient Carthage and created a number of works including Hannibal's crossing of the alps.

Trailer for Mr. Turner, a film on the life of JMW Turner, available on Amazon.
Mr. Turner received four Academy Award nominations,
and Timothy Spall received the Best Actor award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Vistors to the Tate Britain and JMW Turner's Self Portrait
Visitors to the Tate Britain
admiring JMW Turner's Self Portrait,
age 22, c 179
He also used current events. Turner was fascinated by Napoleon. In War, the Exile and the Rock Limpet he shows

Napoleon in exile framed by a blood red sky, symbolic of a life surrounded by carnage. Turner's use of Biblical themes seems to have been motivated by fulfilling an expectation of a number of his patrons. Artists were expected to create such scenes. Turner's painting seems to express no theological bent or preference. Turner liked the stories or themes which allowed him to follow in the footsteps of the masters such as Titian, or to dazzle the eye with effects as in the Tenth Plague of Egypt.

Mythological, Historical and Biblical Paintings, JMW Turner at the Tate Britain
(Turner loved telling stories in his paintings, and mythology, history and the Bible provided lots of material.)
JMW Turner Aeneas and the Sibyl Lake Avernus
Aeneas and the Sibyl Lake Avernus, 1798
JMW Turner The Hero of a Hundred Fights
The Hero of a Hundred Fights, 1800-10
JMW Turner Jason
Jason, 1802

Aeneas and the Sibyl Lake Avernus, 1798 ... At age 23, this may be Turner's first attempt at a mythological subject. This picture illustrates a story from the Aeneid by the poet Virgil. Aeneas wants to visit the ghost of his father, whom he believes can be reached with the aid of the Cumaean Sibyl as his guide by Lake Avernus.The painting was never exhibited, other than for display at Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Turner's patron.

Jason, 1802 ... Turner first exhibited this painting at the Royal Academy and later in Plymouth. Here, Turner shows Jason overcoming the dragon in his quest for the Golden Fleece. It is believed young Turner, aged 27 when this was painted, was seeking to impress others with his knowledge of classical legends and literature.

The Hero of a Hundred Fights, 1800-10 ... This painting shows the moment when a bronze statue of the Duke of Wellington was removed from its mould. The figure is obscured by the intense fire light of the foundry. The effect is to transform the statue of Wellington into an ethereal presence. He uses tone and color to add power and force to a national hero.

JMW Turner The Tenth Plague of Egypt
The Tenth Plague of Egypt, 1802
JMW Turner Holy Family
Holy Family, 1803
JMW Turner The Goddess of Discord Choosing the Apple
The Goddess of Discord Choosing the Apple of Contention in the Garden of the Hesperides, 1806

The Tenth Plague of Egypt, 1802 ... The subject of this painting is the last and the most horrific of the ten plagues inflicted on the Egyptians for enslaving the Jewish people, the killing of their first born sons. The threatening atmospheric effects emphasize the power of forces beyond mankind's control. Turner exhibited this painting a couple of months after being admitted a full member of the Royal Academy, intended to impress viewers with his skills in the highest branch of painting, "historical grand style."

Holy Family, 1803 ... In his earlier works, young Turner sought to measure his style against the old masters, not as he later did with his contemporaries. This work was done a year after he studied at the Louvre. At that time, Titian's St. Peter Martyr was hanging in Paris, having been moved there from Venice by Napoleon's troops. Turner used that painting as a source for this work.

The Goddess of Discord Choosing the Apple of Contention in the Garden of the Hesperides, 1806 ... The Hesperides were the three daughters of Hesperus, the evening star. They tended a tree of golden apples on the slopes of Mount Atlas. Here, the goddess Discord picks one, setting in train the events leading to the Trojan war. The apple was subsequently awarded to the goddess Aphrodite by Paris, after she had promised him the most beautiful woman in the world: the Greek Queen, Helen, wife of Menelaus, whom Paris then abducted. It seems Turner may have been alluding to recent in-fighting at the Royal Academy in his choice of subject.

JMW Turner Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps
Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps, 1812
JMW Turner The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire
The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire, 1817
JMW Turner The Bay of Baiae with Apollo and the Sybyl
The Bay of Baiae with Apollo and the Sibyl, 1823

Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps, 1812 ... 1812 was a momentous year. Napoleon was attacking Russia and then for us Americans, 1812 was the year the British burned down the White House in Washington, D.C. For Turner, this painting of Hannibal had much to do with the powerful threat of Napoleon. Turner does not praise Napoleon, rather contrasts his miniscule power against the overwhelming force of nature. Hannibal is not pictured. The focus here is on the victims of the conflict, the hardships experienced by the struggling soldiers. There is one elephant pictured, quite small with its trunk faintly silhouetted on the horizon.

The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire, 1817
... 17th century painter Claude Lorrain was Turner's favorite old master. This painting was done in Lorrain's style with the decline of Carthage symbolized by the setting sun. Turner believed the fall of empires was inevitable, confirmed by the fall of Napoleon, and remaining a threat to the British Empire.

The Bay of Baiae with Apollo and the Sibyl, 1823 ... The ancient Roman town of Baiae is located on the northwest shore of the Bay of Naples. In Roman times, it was a fashionable resort for the wealthy. It was the scene of hedonistic offerings and a place known for corruption and scandal. Seismic activity rased and lowered its topography, submerging a large portion of the town. Today, ruins make up a large submerged archaeological park. Turner uses this town as the backdrop for the mythological story of Apollo and the Cumeaean Sibyl. The Sibyl asks the Roman god to give her years of life equal to the number of grains of sand she can hold in her hand. But, she failed to ask for eternal youth. So, over time, she deteriorated until only her voice remained. The cautionary tale Turner is telling here is that time has wrought changes to the Roman architecture, but the golden beauty of the landscape remains undiminished.

JMW Turner Rocky Bay with Figures
Rocky Bay with Figures, 1827
JMW Turner The Fall of Anarchy
The Fall of Anarchy, 1833-34
JMW Turner The Opening of Wallhalla
The Opening of the Wallhalla, 1842

Rocky Bay with Figures, 1827 ... This unfinished painting was intended to be a mythologically themed painting from Homer's Odyssey. It is a Mediterranean scene with a suggestion of figures on the beach with ancient ships just off shore.

The Fall of Anarchy, 1833-34 ... Until recently, this painting was known as Death on a Pale Horse, a reference to the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Biblical book of Revelation. New research though proposes the painting was instead a response to a political poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Masque of Anarchy, written in 1819 and published in 1832. Shelly wrote, "Last came Anarchy: he rode ... On a white horse, splashed with blood; ... He was pale even to the lips ...Like death in the Apocalypse.

The Opening of the Wallhalla, 1842 ... Turner visited Germany seven times between 1817 and 1844. The fall of Napoleon brought on a revival of German culture. In 1842, Wallhalla Temple (Turner's own spelling) was opened on the shores of the Danube by King Ludwig of Bavaria as a symbol of national unity, a monument to great Germans of the past. This painting combines symbols of the arts and weapons, both used in the German struggle to free itself from French domination. In 1845, Turner sent this painting to Munich, but it was poorly received.

JMW Turner War The Exile and the Rock Limpet
The Exile and the Rock Limpet, 1842
JMW Turner The Angel Standing in the Sun
The Angel Standing in the Sun, 1846
JMW Turner Undine Giving the Ring to Massaniello Fisherman of Naples
Undine Giving the Ring to Massaniello
Fisherman of Naples, 1846
JMW Turner Mercury Sent to Admonish Aeneus
Mercury Sent to Admonish Aeneus, 1850

The Exile and the Rock Limpet, 1842 ... In the same year Napoleon's ashes were returned to France, Turner created this painting. Napoleon is pictured in exile on the Island of St. Helena. Turner neither glorifies nor demonizes him, but rather paints a picture which shows the futility of conflict. Here, Napoleon is pictured standing alone, while the red around him shows the trauma of battle. In poetic verse attached to the canvas, Turner refers to the red as a "sea of blood."

The Angel Standing in the Sun, 1846
... This painting shows the Archangel Michael wielding his flaming sword on Judgment Day. Scenes below include Adam and Eve weeping over the body of their murdered son Abel, and lesser known story of Judith standing over the beheaded body of Holofernes.

The book of Judith is not included in the canon of the Bible, and is not well known today, but would have been in Turner's time. It contains the intriguing story of Judith, a beautiful Jewish woman upset with her countrymen for not trusting God to deliver them from the foreign conqueror, Holofernes. The story tells of Judith going to the enemy camp, ingratiating herself and promising information on the Israelites, thus gaining the trust of Holofernes. Her deceit is successful, and she is invited into his tent. While he is in a drunken stupor, she takes Holofernes own sword and decapitates him, returning to her countrymen with his head, saving her people from domination.

Undine Giving the Ring to Massaniello, Fisherman of Naples, 1846 ... This painting is based on a fairy tale by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque published in 1811. The fairy tale was later performed as a ballet in London. The story is of "Ondine," born without a soul, but believes she can acquire a soul if she marries Juldebrand, a knight. But, she falls in love with "Massaniello," a revolutionary fisherman of Naples.

Mercury Sent to Admonish Aeneus, 1850 ...
In the Latin epic poem, Virgil's Aeneid, the Italian Aeneas loves Dido, the Queen of Carthage. Here, Aeneas stands on shore under the spell of Cupid while the god Mercury waited to tell him he was neglecting his fleet off shore. Mercury seems not discernible, seemingly melted into thin air as Aeneas remains unwilling to leave Dido, transfixed under Cupid's spell.

The Tate Britain | Back to the Top

Notes ... Linda Sorensen's studio and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Showroom

For an appointment ...
Email: Linda
Call or Text: 707-875-2911

We'll be pleased to meet you and show you any of Linda Sorensen's paintings
or the Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's online collections

OPEN HOUSE ... LABOR DAY WEEKEND, Aug 31, Sep 1 & 2 (Fri, Sat, & Sun, 12:00 - 5:00 PM) ... We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE at Linda Sorensen's studio and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's showroom. Linda has a lovely group of paintings on exhibit as she prepares for this year's Art Trails, and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery has our Joshua Meador exhibition, featuring our Disney Collection, Meador Family Collection, and the best of our own Joshua Meador paintings. We are available for appointments on Monday, Sep 3.

See top of Newsletter for details of access.

John Singer Sargent and Chicago's Gilded Age is showing at the Art Instititute in Chicago through September 30.

If you're close by, it's a MUST SEE.

At the Landmark Gallery
in Bodega
Linda Sorensen Cypress Over Highway One
Linda Sorensen's
Cypress over Highway One
9 x 12

Beyond her Atelier One studio, Linda Sorensen's paintings are currently showing at

Sixth Street Playhouse studio gallery in Santa Rosa in the Railroad Square area. Giclee/prints are available of her popular paintings, in addition to original oil paintings.

Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection,

located inland in the town of Bodega, west end of town a half block from the Casino, and just across from the (vacant) General Store and the Bodega Volunteer Fire Department.

At Corrick's
in Santa Rosa
"Art Trails Gallery"

Linda Sorensen Hawks Hill to Point Bonita
Linda Sorensen's
Hawk Hill to Point Bonita
24 x 30

Corrick's "Art Trails Gallery,
located in downtown Santa Rosa on 4th Street, just steps from Santa Rosa's reopened Town Square.

Linda Sorensen at Easel at Monte Rio Redwood Cabin Studio
Linda Sorensen at her easel
Linda Sorensen's Studio is now open in Graton.

In Graton, visits are by appointment only,
except for events such as Atelier One Open Studios
and Art Trails
Note that the gate/doors are generally locked on weekends
or email Linda at


What's showing in Bodega Bay?
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Sign

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
featuring Joshua Meador and Linda Sorensen
and Historic Paintings of California

by appointment in Graton and Bodega Bay; collection is online.
Joshua Meador Exhibition at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery showroom, begins July 20 | Call or Text 707-875-2911

Joshua Meador Composed by the Sea
"Composed by Ocean"
Joshua Meador
Ren Brown
Ren Brown
The Ren Brown Collection
1781 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, 94923


707-875-2922 | |
Back to the Top
Reb Brown Sign Thumbnail
Pacific Bay Gallery

Pacific Bay Gallery
1785 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, 94923
Noki and Ron Jones, proprietors, featuring the etchings of Guillaume Azoulay
707-875-8925 | | Back to the Top

Pacific Bay Gallery Azoulay
Bodega Bay's Jean Warren Watercolors
Bodega Bay resident Jean Warren says her paintings are reflections of the places she has lived and traveled.
Jean is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society,
California Watercolor Association and full member of Society of Layerists in Multi-Media.
Visit Jean's site and view examples at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Jean Warren Watercolor

What's showing nearby?
in Sonoma, Napa & Marin Counties
Lorenzo de Santis
Landmark Gallery's
Lorenzo de Santis
IN BODEGA Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection
including paintings by Linda Sorensen
17255 Bodega Highway Bodega, California USA 94922 Phone 707 876 3477
Fri-Mon, 10:30 - 5:30 | | Back to the Top
Bodega Landmark Gallery Thumb
Sebastopol Center for the Arts

IN SEBASTOPOL, Sebastopol Center for the Arts
home of Sonoma County's Art @ the Source and Art Trails

Art @ The Source Exhibition ... through June 10
282 S. High Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472  707.829.4797
Hours: Tue - Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat & Sun 1 - 4pm

Corricks Kevin Brown
Corrick's Keven Brown

IN SANTA ROSA Corrick's Art Trails Gallery |
637 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 | Contact::

Corrick's has been a Santa Rosa Treasure since 1915,
a downtown stationery store serving the community's "cultural hub."
Corrick's has long supported local artists with its impressive "ART TRAILS GALLERY,"
including paintings by Linda Sorensen.
And currently has a number of originals by Maurice Lapp ... (see our August 2017 article)

located on Fourth Street, steps away from Santa Rosa's revitalized town square
and Fourth Street's Russian River Brewery

BBHPhoto Dennis Calabi
Dennis Calabi
IN SANTA ROSA Calabi Gallery |
-- Migrations, Art of Iva Hladis ... through Jul 28 Aug 18
followed by --The art of Alejandro Salazar
with an opening reception on Saturday, August 25th from 4-7pm
We are located at 456 Tenth Street in Santa Rosa.
Contact us with any questions at (707) 781-7070 or

456 Tenth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 | email: | 707-781-7070

Famed master conservator Dennis Calabi brings his rare knowledge and experience
to present a tasteful and eclectic array of primarily 20th century artwork. | Back to the Top
Easton Crustacean Dancing Dream 144
Easton, Crustacean Dancing Dream, American Alabaster
Annex Galleries Santa Rosa IN Santa Rosa The Annex Galleries
specializing in 19th, 20th, and 21st century American and European fine prints
The Annex Galleries is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). | Back to the Top
Linda Ratzlaff

IN GRATON Graton Gallery

-Current Show ... "It's Personal -- Paintings from our Lives"
featuring Sandra Rubin and Marylu Downing ... through Aug 19
-Opening Aug 21 ... Anything Goes Juried Show and Cigar Box ... through Sept 23
Graton Gallery | (707) 829-8912  |
9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444 | Open Wednesday ~ Saturday 10:30 to 6, Sunday 10:30 to 4

Christopher Queen Gallery IN DUNCANS MILLS Christopher Queen Galleries
3 miles east of Hwy 1 on Hwy 116 on the Russian River
"Halcyon Summer" exhibition opens Sun, Jul 15 Reception 1-3
celebrating our 28th annual early artists of the Bohemian Club |707-865-1318| Back to the Top
Paul Mahder Gallery Thumbnail IN Healdsburg Paul Mahder Gallery

 (707) 473-9150 |
222 Mill Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448 | Open Weds - Mon, 10-6, Sundays, 10-5
Hammarfriar Gallery Thumb IN Healdsburg Hammerfriar Gallery

 (707) 473-9600
132 Mill Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448 | Open Tues - Fri 10 to 6, Sat 10 - 5, Sun 12 - 4

john Anderson
Petaluma Arts Council Art Center

IN PETALUMA Petaluma Arts Center
"... to celebrate local artists and their contributions and involve the whole community"

OPENED JULY 21 ... “Warren’s Eye: Paintings From the Vintage Bank,”
Artwork from the collection of Warren Davis (1949-2018), finder and purveyor of fine paintings at Vintage Bank Antiques in Petaluma.

Petaluma Center for the Arts

Links to current museum exhibits relevant to Early California Art
The Greater Bay Area
The Walt Disney Family Museum
This museum tells Walt's story from the early days.
(on the Parade Grounds) 104 Montgomery Street,
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129

-- view location on Google Maps
Disney Museum Exterior Thumbnail San Francisco
de Young Museum
Cult of the Machine, Mar 24 - Aug 12
upcoming ... Gauguin: A Spiritual Journey
Nov 17 - Apr 7
Permanent Collection

De Young Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco
California Historical Society

California Historical Society Thumbnail San Francisco
Legion of Honor

Truth and Beauty: Pre-Raphaelites and Old Masters
through Sep 30
-Permanent European and Impressionist Paintings
San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco
Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum Thumbnail Oakland
Oakland Museum of California

-- ongoing Gallery of California Art
-showcasing over 800 works
from the OMCA's collection

Oakland Museum Thumbnail

San Francisco

Rene Magritte: The Fifth Season thru Oct 28

SF Museum of Modern Art

Santa Rosa
The Museums of Sonoma County

Sonoma County Museum Thumbnail
Santa Rosa
Charles M. Schultz Museum

Charles M Schultz Museum Santa Rosa

St Mary's College Museum of Art
California Watercolor Association
Watermedia: The Color of Summer
thru Aug 26

Hearst Art Gallery

Hearst Art Gallery Thumbnail
Mission San Francisco de Solano Museum

featuring the famed watercolor paintings
of the California Missions
by Christian Jorgensen
Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma CA Sonoma
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

551 Broadway, Sonoma CA
(707) 939-7862
Sonoma Museum of Art Exterior Thumb
Grace Hudson Museum

Our People, Our Land, Our Images
Jun 30 - Sept 30
Grace Hudson Museum

Bolinas Museum

featuring their permanent collection,
including Ludmilla and Thadeus Welch,
Arthur William Best, Jack Wisby,
Russell Chatham, Alfred Farnsworth

Elizabeth Holland McDaniel Bolinas Embarcadero thumbnail
Walnut Creek
The Bedford Gallery, Lesher
Center for the Arts
Lesher Ctr for the Arts Walnut Creek CA San Jose
San Jose Museum of Art

approximately 2,000 20th & 21st
century artworks including paintings, sculpture,
new media, photography, drawings, prints, and artist books.
San Jose Museum of Art Thumbnail
Monterey Museum of Art

E.. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit

through August 27

(See our March 2018 article)

Ongoing exhibitions ...
Museums Permanent Collection
including William Ritschel, Armin Hansen
and E. Charlton Fortune
Monterey Museum of Art Palo Alto
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum Monterey Sacramento
Crocker Art Museum
Nature's Gifts
Early California Paintings
from the Wendy Willrich Collection

Opening April 22, 2018
& their marvelous Permanent Collection
Capitol Museum

Governor's Portrait Gallery
Permanent Exhibits

(including one of our galllery's favorite artists,
Robert Rishell's portrait of Gov. Ronald Reagan
Capitol Museum Sacramento Thumbnail Stockton's Treasure!
The Haggin Museum

-Largest exhibition of Albert Beirstadt paintings anywhere,
plus the works of Joseph Christian Leyendecker,
Norman Rockwell's mentor.
see our Newsletter article, April 2011
Haggin Museum Stockton
Southern California (and Arizona)
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Museum of Art

Art of the Americas, Level 3:
Artworks of paintings and sculptures
from the colonial period to World War II—
a survey of of art and culture
& "Levitated Mass"
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Irvine (now part of UC-Irvine)
The Irvine Museum
"Drawing on the Past
Works on Paper "

Drawings, pastels and watercolors
Jul 7 - Oct 4

Irvine Museum Thumbnail
Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Art Thumbnail Orange
Hilbert Museum, Chapman University
The Hilbert Collection focuses
on California Scene Painting,
including most well known
20th century California watercolor artists

Hilbert Museum Chapman University Orange CA
Norton Simon Museum
-an Impressive Permanent collection,
European impressionist and post impressionist paintings
See our newsletter from March 2014
Norton Simon Museum Pasadena Pasadena
Pasadena Museum of California Art

Pasadena Museum of California Art Exterior thumb
San Diego
San Diego Museum of Art
Permanent Collection
San Diego Museum of Art Thumbnail

San Marino (near Pasadena)
The Huntington Library

American Art Collection
Paintings by John Singer Sargent,
Edward Hopper, Robert Henri,
Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran,
William Keith, Mary Cassatt,
Thomas Hart Benton and many more.

Huntington Library Art Collection Pasadena
Palm Springs
Palm Springs Art Museum

Permanent Collection
American 19th century Landscape Painting
Palm Springs Art Museum Thumbnail Laguna Beach
Laguna Museum of Art
Art Colony: The Laguna Beach Art Association, 1918-1935
Jun 24 - Jan 13
-California Art and only California Art
Permanent collection includes many historic
California Artists of the Laguna Beach Art Association

Laguna Art Museum
Prescott, AZ
Phippen Museum
Phippen Museum Entrance Hwy 89 Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Art Museum
an excellent sampling of
Artists of the American West
Phoenix Art Museum
& Beyond
Honolulu, HI
Honolulu Museum
(see our Newsletter article
from February, 2015)

Honolulu Museum of Art Kamuela, HI (Big Island)
Issacs Art Center
65-1268 Kawaihae Road
Kamuela, HI  96743
(See our Dec '16 article "Hawaii's Paul Gauguin," 
modernist Madge Tennent, 1889-1972)

Isaacs Art Center
Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum
( see our article Mar 2018
French and American Paintings )
Seattle Art Museum Portland, OR
Portland Art Museum

Permanent Collection: American Art
Portland Art Museum Thumbnail
Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery

Permanent ... Grand Salon Paintings
from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago
-John Singer Sargent and Chicago's Gilded Age
through Sep 30
-Permanent collection:
the Impressionists
Art Institute of Chicago Thumbnail
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus

is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Bentonville, AR
Crystal Bridges
Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery

Permanent collection
American Paintings
Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail Philadelphia , PA
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art Thumbnail
Philadelphia , PA
Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Campus
Barnes Foundation Campus Philadelphia Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Museum
American Art
Permanent Collection
The Brooklyn Museum Thumbnail
New York , NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art

The largest selection of works by Edward Hopper
The Whitney Museum of American Art New York Detroit, MI
Detroit Institute of Arts
American Art
Permanent Collection
Detroit Institute of Arts
Ottawa, Ontario
National Gallery of Canada
Canada National Gallery of Art    

By appointment only or online ... email or call ... / 707-875-2911

... IN GRATON, CA ...
Linda Sorensen's studio and Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's showroom is now is located in Atelier One, Graton. You may view all paintings in Linda Sorensen's or Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's online offerings. Call or email for an appointment.

... IN YOUR HOME ... Call or email for a an appointment. For a fee, we'll bring the art to you (up to 200 miles from Bodega Bay). Sales above $5,000, the travel fee is refunded.

... ON LINE ... Call or email about pieces which interest you. We offer FedEx shipping (included in price) in the U.S for major purchases.

At present, we are acquiring few paintings. We are interested in considering works by Joshua Meador, or exceptional paintings by a few other Historic California artists. We do not do miscellaneous consignments but do represent artist estates. We do not provide appraisal services.

DO NOT CALL AND EXPECT A THOUGHTFUL ANSWER REGARDING YOUR PAINTING, ... INSTEAD, Please EMAIL US ( along with a high resolution jpeg image of your painting. Include the name of the artist, its title, dimensions and condition. Please include any history or provenance. Rather than responding off the cuff, in a timely fashion, we will read your note, do our homework, and write back and let you know if we wish to acquire your painting or we may give you our our ideas on how best to market your painting through other resources.