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Featuring The Joshua Meador
Desert Paintings
by Kathi Hilton
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by Alex Dzigurski II
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by Linda Sorensen
Watercolors by
Jean Warren
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First and Foremost, the Impressionist Paintings of Joshua Meador

Our Best, Largest and Last Joshua Meador Exhibition at this Location
Carpe Diem ... through Sun Oct 2, 2016

Joshua Meador Inner  Harbor
Bodega Bay Area
Sonoma County

Joshua Meador Bay Frontage
In and Around

Joshua Meador Caspar Point
In and Around
Joshua Meador Southern Nevada
Palm Springs
& California Deserts
Joshua Meador Sierra Wilds
Eastern Sierra
along Hwy 395
Joshua Meador Wild is the Wind
LA Area, Disney Studios
& Central America

"First and foremost ..." That's how Josh would begin his explanation to admirers gathered behind his easel as he painted.

Josh was famous as Walt Disney Studio's Director of Animation Effects, but Josh's real passion was for painting. He told those gathered to watch him as he stood at his easel, "First and foremost, I'm an impressionist. Disney is my day job.

Josh received critical praise for his painting and exhibited with renowned artists as well as hosting several sold-out one man exhibitions. He sold his paintings through well known galleries in LA, San Francisco and Portland and his own gallery run by his wife Libby.

First and Foremost provides a video sampling Joshua Meador's body of work.
Josh created over 2,000 canvases. He often explained to his admirers,
"First and foremost, I'm a painter, Disney is my
day job."
Alfred Frankenstein, long time Art Critic for the SF Chronicle wrote,

"Joshua Meador's landscapes are free, breezy, vigorous, and full of subtle touches of painter-craft. They suggest movement and atmosphere and relationships in space."

Arthur Miller, Art Critic for the LA Times wrote,

"Joshua Meador has the happy faculty of seeing a picture in everything from wharves to hills and paints his scenes with striking realism."

The California Art Club in its January, 1959,"

"Joshua Meador is highly individualistic and his technique is definitely his own. He is able to produce a feeling of boldness with restraint."

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery is hosting a Joshua Meador exhibition "First and Foremost, the Paintings of Joshua Meador" Aug 31 - Oct 2. This exhibition will be laid out according to Joshua Meador's favored locales for painting, including the scenes in an around Bodega Bay, Carmel, Mendocino, Palm Springs and the deserts of the Southwest, the 395 corridor in the Eastern Sierra, and the LA area. All of the paintings below will be on exhibit and are available for sale. Each is linked to their page on our site by clicking on the photo.

Bodega Bay
and Sonoma County scenes, most done during the late 1940's and early 1950's
During the Late 1940's and early 50's
Joshua Meador would visit Bodega Bay often. His wife Libby and his son Philip told us that they really looked forward to the times when Josh would load up the family's woody station wagon and hitch up their tear drop trailer and head northward for Bodega Bay.
Joshua Meador Windbreak
, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Veiled Morning
Veiled Morning
, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Bodega  Bay View
Bodega Bay View, 18 x 24
Joshua Meador Bodega Bayflat
Bodega Bayflat 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor
, 18 x 24
Joshu Meador Capain Vallejo's Casa
Captain Vallejo's Casa
, Sonoma Square 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Duncans Mills
Duncans Mills
, 20 x 27

Joshua Meador on his style ... "I think I'm inclined toward impressionism, but I want to paint and interpret the way I feel and not be influenced by any one school."

Carmel, and scenes nearby, most done between 1955 and 1960

Between 1955 and 1960 ... Joshua and Libby Meador moved to Carmel Highlands, just south of Point Lobos State Park. They lived in the old Carmel Highlands firehouse, making their home on the top floor with Josh's studio below. Josh continued to work for Disney Studios for his full salary, but would return to the studio only when needed. The rest of the time, he dedicated to his painting. He enjoyed being close to so many wonderful artists in the Carmel area, and often would entertain guests from Los Angeles, including his Disney Studio colleagues and friends Bennett Bradbury and Ralph Hulett. While living in Carmel Highlands, Josh exhibited his work and sold his paintings through the Carmel Highlands Inn Art Gallery.

Joshua Meador Cannery Row
Cannery Row,
22 x 30
(now the location of the Monterey Bay Aquariu
Joshua Meador Pier at Monterey
Pier at Monterey
, 18 x 24
Joshua Meador Pacific Cove
Pacific Cove
, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Bay Frontage
Bay Frontage
, 18 x 24

Joshua Meador Carmel Coast
Carmel Coast
, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Boats in Monterey
Boats in Monterey, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Shorewise
, 18 x 24

Joshua Meador on impressionism ... "I think of myself as an impressionist, but impressionism can be influenced by modern art."

Caspar, scenes done near Mendocino, most done between 1960 and 1965

Between 1960 and 1965 ... In 1960, Joshua and Libby Meador built their dream home in Caspar above the cliffs overlooking Caspar Point and the Pacific. Josh continued his professional relationship with Disney Studios on an on call basis. When he did return to LA, he would stay with Philip, his student son. Such was the case during the filming of Mary Poppins when Josh was called down to help blend animation with live action.

In Mendocino, he enjoyed painting harbor scenes and seascapes as well as local towns and farms.
Joshua Meador Shoreline
, 16 x 12
While painting at home, Josh had a heart attack and passed away in August of 1965. He was 54 years old.
Joshua Meador Edge of the Bay
Edge of the Bay, 16 x 12
Joshua Meador Sheep Ranch Mendocino
Sheep Ranch Mendocino
, 24 x 34
Joshua Meador Caspar Reef Spray
Evening's Glow on Caspar Reef
, 22 x 34
Joshua Meador Caspar Point
Caspar Point
, 22 x 34
Joshua Meador Cliff Shapes
Cliff Shapes
, 24 x 36
Joshua Meador Caspar Reef Spray
Caspar Reef Spray
, 24 x 36
Joshua Meador Waiting at Noyo
Waiting at Noyo
, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Composed by the Ocean
Composed by the Ocean
, 24 x 30
Caspar Point II Joshua Meador
Caspar Point II, 24 x 36
Joshua Meador Point Arena Light
Point Arena Light
, 18 x 24
Joshua Medor Perimeter
, 27 x 40
Palm Springs and scenes of the desert Southwest

Josh and Libby enjoyed vacationing in the deserts of the Southwest, including an extended stay at Walt Disney's Smoke Tree Ranch. Josh had done a favor for Walt and during a visit to Walt's office, Walt rewarded Josh with a month long stay at his Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs.

Joshua Meador Pow Wow
Pow Wow, 18 x 14, Walt Disney Collection
As Philip Meador told the story, "As Josh was leaving Walt's office,Walt said, 'Oh, by the way, while you're there, fill the place with paintings.'" Josh followed through on Walt's suggestion and created over 50 canvases. After Josh died, the Disney family gave a number of their Meador paintings back to Libby Meador. She kept them the rest of her life. Some of these "Walt Disney Collection" paintings are included in this exhibition and are available for sale.
Joshua Meador Chicken Race Santo Domingo
Chicken Race, Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico
Joshua  Meador Desert Planes
Desert Planes, 22 x 30
Joshua  Meador Forum
Forum, 22 x 30, Walt Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Patriarch
Patriarch, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Smoke Trees
Smoke Trees, 20 x 27, Walt Disney Collection
Joshua Meador South Nevada
South Nevada, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Taos Pow Wow
Taos Pow Wow, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Far  Beyond
Far Beyond, 14 x 18, Walt Disney Collection

Eastern Sierraalong the Highway 395 corridor near Lone Pine, CA

Joshua Meador Sierra Wilds
Sierra Wilds
, 24 x 34

Josh also loved painting along the Highway 395 corridor in the Eastern Sierra. He was captivated by the vaulted majesty of Mount Whitney, but he found some pastoral and farm sceenes inspirational as well.

Philip Meador recalled that he and his mother enjoyed long walks often while Josh set up his easel and painted plein air.

Joshua Meador Fresh Water
Fresh Water, 18 x 24
Joshua Meador To Water
To Water
, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Sierra Cabin Bishop
Sierra Cabin, Bishop, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Road to Mount Whitney
Road to Mount Whitney
, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Glacier
, 24 x 34
Joshua Meador Web of Snow
Web of Snow
, 20 x 27
(Beatty, Nevada, east of Death Valley)
Joshua Meador Snowfalls Golden Moment
Snowfall's Golden Moment
, 6 x 8
LA Area Paintings, works related to Disney Studios and one done in Guatemala
Joshua Meador Untitled Fantasy Concept
Untitled, Fantasy Concept, 18 x 14
Joshua Meador Strolling in the Park
Strolling in the Park
, 24 x 36

In LA, Josh sold his paintings through the Kanst Gallery. He often painted scenes in San Pedro Harbor and local LA parks.

On occasion, he produced canvases for special events at Disney Studio, such as San Francisco (Guatemala) on while researching "on-location" for Disney projects.

Joshua Meador San Pedro Boats
San Pedro Boats
, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador San Francisco Guatemala
San Francisco (Guatemala)
, 14 x 18

In 1947, Salvador Dali visited the Disney Studio. Josh prepared The Last Symphony for a reception for Dali, based on the orchestral instruments from the opening sequence of Fantasia, a film greatly admired by Dali.

Studio artists used "Fantasy concept" paintings to share ideas graphically. The fantasy concept painting above shows a figure ascending a stairway from the dark into the light.

Joshua Meador The Last Symphony
The Last Symphony, 24 x 34
prepared for a studio reception
in honor of Salvador Dali
Joshua Meador Aria D
Aria Da Capo
, 8 x 10
Joshua Meador Wainting in the Sun
Waiting in the Sun
, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Drying the Nets
Drying the Nets (San Pedro Haror)
, 22 x 30
Joshua Medor Wild is the Wind
Wild is the Wind
, 24 x 34

First and Foremost, the Paintings of Joshua Meador runs Wednesday, August 31 - Sunday, October 2, 2016. It will be the Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's largest exhibition of Joshua Meador's work. Make certain you make it to Bodega Bay and view this amazing painters work, including paintings done in and around Bodega Bay!

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