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Joshua Meador Taos Pow Wow
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Jean Warren Hats
Jean Warren, Watercolors
Film Director George Lucas
George Lucas, a proposed museum
telling the story of Visual Storytelling
at San Francisco's Presidio

the Living Desert Mountain Lion thumbnail
Palm Desert, home of the
Stephen B. Chase Art Collection,
and "The Living Desert"

Edwin Deakin's Paintings
preserving the story
of the California Missions

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Kathi Hilton's Paintings at the
Palm Desert Historical Society
through April
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George Lucas George Lucas, a proposed museum telling the story
of Visual Storytelling at San Francisco's Presidio
by Daniel Rohlfing

Like emissaries from the distant past, stories convey the wisdom of long ago. Before the written word, stories were easy to remember and re-tell. An oral tradition could spread over long distances and could reach into the future, easily conveyed from generation to generation. From cave dwellers of Lascaux to the present, stories have been the means to know our past, a template to help us navigate in the present and a guide into our future. They tell us who we are and help shape who we hope to become.

In his proposal before the Presidio Trust, George Lucas writes, "I’m a storyteller at heart, and I understand the power of a visual image to tell a story. I know how works of art can ignite children’s imaginations and even change their lives. They changed mine. Even before I could verbalize what I was feeling, I was drawn in by Norman Rockwell’s ability to tell a complete story in a single image. And so much of that imagery captured American cultural truths and aspirations. It was then that I began to learn the art of visual storytelling. As my career as a filmmaker grew, so did my love of art and passion for collecting."

Presidio Comissary Site
Proposed site of the Presidio Museum

In 2010, George Lucas and his kindred spirit Steven Spielberg presented a traveling exhibition of Norman Rockwell paintings through the Smithsonian Institution from their personal collections. In this film, both Lucas and Spielberg explain how Rockwell's painting appeals to them, and how his work and images have impacted American life and film.

George Lucas wishes to tell the story of Storytelling. He envisions a museum which places the wonders of 21st century film- making in context with the great storytellers of the past.

With a piece of charcoal and a torch for light, cavemen created images representing the center of their lives. They used pigments of yellow and red ochre to enliven the tales of their day. Later, egg yolk and minerals were mixed to create long lasting tempera When this paint was applied to wet lime plaster, dazzling colorful frescoes transformed once brown and gray surfaces into lively illustrations graphically proclaiming sophisticated ideas of creation, myth, and religion.

With the coming of oil painting, painters could tell stories without painting an entire wall. With the advent of paint in lead tubes, they could work outdoors and incorporate the wonders of natural light. They were freed to explore different artistic ideas, styles, techniques, and explore expression as never before. And on into the digital age, new methods and materials are being used to do what was done long ago, telling stories, expressing thought and feeling through visual art.

Progression of Story Telling
Cave paintings, Lascaux, France (c. 15,000 B.C.),
charcoal and pigment

Amonherkhopeshaf ’s Tomb (c. 1187-1064 B.C.)
Painted relief

The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel (c. 1511)
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475–1564) Fresco

Water Lilies (c.1920) Claude Monet (1840–1926) Oil on canvas

Road to Point Reyes (1983)
Pixar Artists: Tom Porter, Bill Reeves, David Salesin, and Alvy Ray Smith
digital image generated with REYES rendering software

JC Layendecker Football Players and Fans
Charles C. Leyendecker (Norman Rockwell's mentor), Football Players and Fans, c 1920

George Lucas and his good friend and kindred spirit Steven Spielberg have been greatly influenced by the work of Charles C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell. Of the two, Rockwell is better known, but Leyendecker was Norman Rockwell's mentor, and refined the art of telling a story in one frame.

Both Leyendecker and Rockwell created images which expressed the emotional tenor and mores of their times. In the beginning, their "illustrations," were not given the vaulted definition of "high art," but over time, they have been highly prized and now grace prestigious museum walls. Both Leyendecker and Rockwell went about their work as film directors They would cast their models, carefully design their sets, and devote themselves to refining the fine points of their script, their story.

Norman Rockwell Peach
Norman Rockwell, Peach Crop, c 1935
Norman Rockwell River Pilot
Norman Rockwell, River Pilot, 1940

Stephen Spielberg recalls his days as a youngster in the 1950's. When the Saturday Evening Post would arrive in the mail, he like most readers would study and treasure Rockwell's covers. He was amazed how an artist with just one frame could infuse all the elements of great storytelling: setting, characterization, plot, conflict and theme. In addition to these elements, Leyendecker and Rockwell gave great attention to composition and color theory, all to great effect.

One of the most endearing elements of Norman Rockwell's art are the faces of his characters, portraits bearing stories in and of themselves. Often, he would enlist the townspeople of Stockbridge, Massachusetts to serve as models, emphasizing the art found in real people, faces which tell real stories.

In Stockton, California, the Haggin Museum possesses a large collection of Charles Leyendecker's work, and Sacramento's Crocker Museum recently hosted an exhibit of Norman Rockwell's work, with some of the pieces from the Rockwell collection in Stockbridge.

Two key goals included in the Lucas proposal are that their museum will hold fast to the belief that art should be accessible to everyone, and that a wide range of educational tools will be employed to promote learning.

Exposure to the arts is key to developing talent and appreciation in the coming generations. As the stories of the past were passed on to us, so we must have storytellers to carry them forward. Once built, this proposed museum might well inspire the next William Shakespeare, Pablo Picasso, or Alfred Hitchcock.

George Lucas Proposal Child Wonderment George Lucas Proposal Child Wonderment
Two photos from the Lucas Proposal, illustrating the museum's plan
for traveling exhibitions complimented by
curriculum based educational materials, all meant to inspire.

We believe this exciting proposed museum will fit well in the Presidio setting and would complement the Presidio's marvelous Walt Disney Family Museum, and the nearby Legion of Honor and the de Young Museum.

The Lucas proposal states, "Fundamental to the museum’s vision is the belief that art in all its forms should be made accessible to everyone to enjoy. To that end, the museum’s educational and interpretive program will be robust, varied, and dynamic. Approximately 45,000 to 50,000 square feet of gallery space will feature icons from the museum’s collection for permanent display as well as changing installations drawn from the museum’s holdings.

George Lucas Proposal Lectures on emerging technologies
The Lucas proposal also promises diverse public programing,
providing opportunities to learn of new
and emerging technologies used in the visual arts.

The collection provides vast opportunities for refreshed exhibit themes in the permanent and special exhibit galleries that will explore the significance of visual media in contemporary life."

Regarding education, the proposal states, "A broad range of educational tools will be used to help promote learning, both within the museum setting and remotely, to foster a spirit of group and individual exploration, study, contemplation, dialogue, and discovery. The museum will represent excellence in the industry, employ best practices, and retain a deep expertise in its holdings and their interpretation, while also inviting community involvement and the sharing of perspectives for its programming."

The Presidio Trust has but one commissary site, but a collection of worthy proposals. Click here to view to the proposals. There are strong and vocal opinions being voiced in support of all of them. To voice your opinions, email the Presidio Trust ( Their next meeting is Tuesday, April 9th.

Presidio Trust | J.C. Leyendecker Collection, The Haggin Museum in Stockton | George Lucas PDF Proposal for the Presidio's Commissary Site
email to the Presidio Trust ... (Their Next Meeting is Tues, April 9.) | related story, reported on CBS News This Morning with Charlie Rose
from our April 2011 Newsletter, ... about the Haggin Museum and their permanent Leyendecker exhibition |
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The Living Desert Logo Palm Desert, home of the Stephen B. Chase Art Collection, and "The Living Desert"
by Daniel Rohlfing

Palm Desert's "The Living Desert" is well known as a beautiful botanical and zoological park, showing the flora and fauna of the Mojave. But that's not all. "The Living Desert" also has a wonderful exhibition of historic California paintings.

The published descriptions of this wondrous place are inadequate. It is an enchanted garden, thoughtfully planned and immaculately maintained. I couldn't help but express while there how glad I was we made the trip. And, upon departing, I promised myself that I would one day return.

The Living Desert's administration building is adjacent to the admissions gate, and houses the Stephen B. Chase Art Collection. The collection includes an impressive sampling of some of California's greatest painters.

Living Desert Map
Mountain Lion the Living Desert
The Living Desert, Mountain Lion posing for a portrait
The Living Desrt Ocotillo
The Living Desert Jaguar and Favored Toy
The Living Desert, Jaguar with a favorite toy

The collection includes forty-nine paintings by twenty-two artists. The collection spans the period between 1900 and the late 1930s. Fourteen of the paintings depict Coachella Valley scenes, while others are of landscapes throughout California.

In the Gold the Sloping Vale Subsides Franz Bischoff
Franz Bischoff, In the Gold, the Sloping Vale Subsides

Conrad Buff Palm Springs
Conrad Buff, Palm Springs, 1928

Dynamic development and change characterize American art history at the turn of the twentieth century. Impressionism was the dominant style that emerged during this time, especially suited to the dramatic, pristine landscape and shimmering light of California. Artists painting in California between 1900 and 1950 were driven by admiration of French Impressionism and their appreciation for the California landscape, climate and quality of light. 

William Ritschel Quiet Waters
William Ritschel, Quiet Waters
Mary DeNeal Morgan Lazy Day on the Drive
Mary DeNeale Morgan, Lazy Day on the Drive

In southern California, landscape painting was an especially popular subject, with many artists painting plein air, or out of doors, to best capture the bright, buoyant and fleeting quality of the light. Artists known for plein air painting represented in this collection include Granville Redmond, Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, William Wendt, Franz A. Bischoff, Edgar Payne, Jean Mannheim and Maurice Braun, among others.

Granville Redmond, Cloudy Day at Monterey
William Wendt Laguna Beach
William Wendt, Laguna Beach

California's landscape and light were natural subjects for artists painting in the Impressionist style either plein air or in the studio. The paintings in this collection resonate with color, texture and light, from cool coastal scenes to rugged mountains and their wooded glades down to arid desert vistas interspersed with vivid wildflowers and lush palm oases.

The Living Desert | The Stephen B. Chase Collection | Back to the Top

Edwin Deakin Photo Portrait
In our March Newsletter ... Edwin Deakin's Paintings at Sacramento's Crocker

Edwin Deakin's Paintings,
Preserving the story of the of the California's Missions
by Daniel Rohlfing

Last month, we featured the Edwin Deakin's oil paintings currently on display at the Crocker Museum. (see article)

But Deakin's most famous achievement were his paintings of California's 21 missions. He completed three sets of paintings of the missions, two in oil and one in watercolor. Sullivan Goss Gallery in Santa Barbara is currently displaying some of his watercolors and has produced the video below.

One set of his Mission oil paintings resides at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, and the second is at the Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library.

The Spanish Missions were the first European settlements of California. The 21 missions were established along California's Coast, roughly one day's horse ride from the next, strategically built like a coastal necklace to dissuade any Russian colonial activity in California, and as a means of spreading Spanish colonial dominance of the region and to spread Christianity to the native populations.

Sullivan Goss Gallery of Santa Barbara marks its 29th year in business with a historic exhibition of 21 watercolor paintings of each of California's historic Missions created between 1897-1900 by Edwin Deakin (1838-1923). Exhibited perhaps just once in over a century at the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art in 1966, these watercolors have been held privately by just two owners outside the artist's family and appear as fresh today as the day they were painted.

The first mission was started in 1769 and the last one finished in 1823. Along the way, the Spanish discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769. The missions laid the groundwork for the rancheros to follow. Spain and Mexico had established themselves well in California, until the Gold Rush with its tidal wave of immigrants from the American East, Europe and Asia ripped it from their control.

Below are a sampling of Edwin Deakin's Oil Paintings telling the story of the California Missions
Edwin Deakin Stairway at Misson an Gabriel
Stairway at Mission San Gabriel Arcangel
Edwin Deakin Mission Delores San Francisco
Mission Delores and the Mansion House, San Francisco 1870
Edwin Deakin Mission Santa Clara
Mission Santa Clara de Asis, 1899
Edwin Deakin Mission San Jose
Mission San Jose, 1899
Edwin Deakin Mission San Juan Bautista
Mission San Juan Bautista, 1899
Edwin Deakin Mission San Rafael Arcangel
Mission San Rafael Arcangel, c 1899es
Edwin Deakin Mission Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Mission, 1880's
Edwin Deakin Mission San Gabriel
San Gabriel Mission
Edwin Deakin Mission San Carolos Borremo de Carmel
San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo, 1899

A footnote ... Santa Rosa's Press Democrat published a story on Friday March 8 reporting that the state is restoring the roadside bells commemoratively marking the path of the El Camino Real. As this horse path once linked the missions, today's roadside bells help link us to our storied Spanish past.

Sullivan Goss Gallery, Santa Barbara|Edwin Deakin at Sacramento's Crocker | Back to the Top

Kathi Hilton's Paintings
at the Palm Desert Historical Society through April

by Daniel Rohlfing

Palm Desert Historical Society

Best described as a homecoming, Kathi Hilton, painter of eloquently quiet and soft interpretations of the Mojave Desert, is honored with an exhibit in April at the Palm Desert Historical Society.

Kathi is well rooted in the California desert painting tradition. Her father was John W. Hilton, a long time artist, author and desert enthusiast.

While growing up, John W. Hilton's frequent house guests included a "Who's Who?" of California Desert Painting legends, including Maynard Dixon, Clyde Forsythe, and Marjorie Reed. Marjorie often served as one of Kathi's baby-sitters. As Kathi grew into adulthood, she maintained friendships with some of her father's old crowd, most notably actor James Cagney.

Kathi Hilton Symphony of Sand
Kathi Hilton, Symphony of Sand

Kathi got to know Jimmy in Los Angeles where Kathi lived with her mother after she and John were divorced. Kathi attended high school with James Cagney's daughter and attended parties hosted by the Cagneys, including one on his yacht.

While visiting her father in Twentynine Palms, Kathi learned Jimmy Cagney also had a home in Twentynine Palms and loved getting away from the Hollywood glitz. He was John W. Hilton's neighbor and often visited John's studio where the two would paint and sketch. In a moment of artistic frustration, Kathi once confided in Jimmy, telling him that people seemed to like her paintings but were always comparing them to paintings done by her father.

Kathi beams with pride when she quotes Jimmy's response, "Don't you worry about that Katy. You just paint what's in your heart." Kathi adds, "That is the best advice I ever received."

Kathi's paintings are often displayed in our gallery alongside those of her father, and after careful observation, we can report that both receive favorable mention, but that Kathi's seem to garner the most interest. In fact, she is one of our best selling artists, and considering we're a north coast gallery, that's quite an honor for a artist of desert paintings. People often comment on the soft luster of these paintings, and how they convey the the magic of the desert, its solitude, poetry, and beauty.

If you are anywhere close to Palm Springs in April, stop by and view Kathi's exquisite work. Kathi is planning to visit the exhibit on April 13 along with experts Kevin Stewart and Gary Fillmore who can tell visitors information about paintings brought in by appointment. We invite you to become one of Kathi's fans, and maybe one of her pieces may grace your walls soon.

John Hilton and James Cagney painting

Also in Palm Desert on April 13 as part of the Palm Desert Festival of Opera and Art, there will be docent guided public art tours exploring the outdoor sculptures around town. Scroll down on the this link to see a sampling of the publicly displayed sculpture to be seen in Palm Desert.

Kathi Hilton Windows in Time
Kathi Hilton, Windows in Time
Kathi HIlton Beckoning Palms
Kathi Hilton, Beckoning Palms
The Historical Society of Palm Desert | Kathi Hilton's page on our site| Back to the Top
* * * * *
News from our Gallery
  • Gallery Hours are 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Wednesday through Sunday. We are also available for scheduled appointments, especially for those who wish to view the gallery on Mondays or Tuesdays. Please call Dan at the gallery and schedule a visit, or call him on his cellphone, 510-414-9821
  • The Tall Ships are coming to Bodega Bay again this year! April 2 - 9. Click here for more information.
  • This year marks the 40th Annual Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival, April 27 and 28.
  • In Campbell (east of San Jose) Ainsley House is offering an exhibition through June 30th of Francis Cutting paintings entitled The Painter Around the Corner: Francis Cutting, A California Impressionist. Cutting was a lifelong resident of Campbell, but also maintained a studio and home in Pacific Grove. He created landscapes throughout California and Oregon, but is most known for his cottage scenes of Pacific Grove.
  • Beginning April 6, The Petaluma Arts Center features Mars-1, Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon, and a large scale mural on the Phoenix Theater by North Bay artist Ricky Watts. Santa Rosa's Press Democrat features Richy Watt's mural on the wall of the Phoenix Theater in their Saturday, March 30th edition.
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What's showing in Bodega Bay?
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Sign Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
1785 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay,
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Celebrating Early California, Western and American Art
- original paintings by famous artists of the past
Now showing ... "New to Us," Recently acquired works by Joshua Meador
plus Bodega Bay resident artists
Jean Warren (watercolors), Diane Perry (photography), and Linda Sorensen (oil paintings)
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Exterior
Reb Brown Sign Thumbnail

The Ren Brown Collection
"Established in 1989 and specializes in contemporary art from both sides of the Pacific.
Now showing ... New ACQUISITIONS - TANSU CHESTS & ANTIQUES | Back to the Top

Ren Brown Collection

Local Color Gallery

Local Color Artist Gallery
-"Illusions" Abstract paintings by David Kingwill through April 21st

Gallery Hours, daily 10 AM to 5 PM
1580 Eastshore Dr., Bodega Bay
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Rik Olson
What's showing nearby?
in Sonoma, Napa & Marin Counties
Christopher Queen Gallery

IN DUNCANS MILLS Christopher Queen Galleries
Now Showing ... The Arts and Crafts Aesthetic, featuring Jack Cassinetto
3 miles east of Hwy 1 on Hwy 116 on the Russian River |707-865-1318| Back to the Top

Self Portrait of Xavier Martinez
Bobbi & Ron Quercia

IN DUNCANS MILLS Quercia Gallery
"Alan Lant" ... through April
Hours: 11am-5pm, Thur - Mon (707) 865-0243 | Back to the Top

Quercia Gallery Duncans Mills
Annex Galleries Santa Rosa IN Santa Rosa The Annex Galleries
specializing in 19th, 20th, and 21st century American and European fine prints
now showing ... Stanley William Hayter and the influence of Atelier

The Annex Galleries is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). | Back to the Top
Lee Youngman Photo Thumbnail
Lee Youngman

IN CALISTOGA the Lee Youngman Gallery
Featuring the work of contemporary painter Paul Youngman,
and the works of famed painter, Ralph Love (1907-1992) | Back to the Top
Left ... Lee Youngman, Right ... Paul Yougman

Paul Youngman

Jeanette Legrue and her painting Lillies Thumbnail

IN TOMALES Tomales Fine Art
Host artist Janette LeGrue
Featuring local and national, award-winning artists:
Anne Blair Brown, Christin Coy, Timothy Horn, Debra Huse, Jeanette Le Grue,
John Poon, Randall Sexton, Brian Mark Taylor, and Antoinette Walker. /  
Open most weekends 12-5pm, and by appointment (707) 878-2525. | Back to the Top

Tomales Fine Art Gallery
Linda Ratzlaff

IN GRATON Graton Gallery

Small Works - A juried show of mixed media artwork through Apr 7
April 9 - May 19, A Look Back -- a Moment in Time

Graton Gallery | (707) 829-8912  |
9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444 | Open Wednesday ~ Saturday 10:30 to 6, Sunday 10:30 to 4

Bodega Landmark Gallery Thumb
IN BODEGA Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection
17255 Bodega Highway Bodega, California USA 94922 Phone 707 876 3477 | | Back to the Top
BBHPhoto Dennis Calabi

IN PETALUMA Calabi Gallery
Sebastopol's own famed master conservator Dennis Calabi brings his rare knowledge and experience
to present a tasteful and eclectic array of primarily 20th century artwork.

Reception Oct 13, 5 - 8 pm

144 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952 Call 707-781-94952 |Back to the Top
Right ... Yellow Eye (Protest) by Robert Pearson McChesney, 1946, Oil on Masonite

Vintage Bank Petaluma Thumbnail IN PETALUMA Vintage Bank Antiques
Vintage Bank Antiques is located in Historic Downtown Petaluma, corner of Western Avenue and Petaluma Blvd. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Warren Davis and the rest of the team at Vintage Bank Antiques has assembled a spectacular inventory of paintings. From the 18th Century to Contemporary Artists. We have paintings to suit every price point and collector level.
If you have a painting for sale, please consider Vintage Bank Antiques. Contact Warren Davis directly at
101 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952, ph: 707.769.3097 | Back to the Top
Petaluma Arts Council Art Center IN PETALUMA Petaluma Arts Council
"... to celebrate local artists and their contributions and involve the whole community
Cosmic Terrain, Damon Soule and Oiver Vernon and a large scale mural by Ricky Watts.
April 6 - June 2 | Back to the Top

Petaluma Art Center
Photo:Anita Diamondstein
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Links to current museum exhibits relevant to Early California Art
The Greater Bay Area

The Walt Disney Family Museum
(See their new website!)

Special Exhibition: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
through Apri 14
This museum tells Walt's story from the early days.
(on the Parade Grounds) 104 Montgomery Street,
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129
-- view location on Google Maps

Disney Museum Exterior Thumbnail San Francisco
de Young Museum
Girl with a Pearl Earring:
Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis

Jan 26 - Jun 2

De Young Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco
California Historical Society

Curating the Bay
Apr 7 - Aug 25

California Historical Society Thumbnail

San Francisco
Legion of Honor

Permanent European and Impressionist Paintings

San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco
Contemporary Jewish Museum
- California Dreaming
Jewish Life in the Bay Area from
the Gold Rush to the Present
through Apr 28
-The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats
San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum Thumbnail

Oakland Museum of California

ongoing Gallery of California Art
-showcasing over 800 works from the OMCA's collection
-Summoning Ghosts: The art of Huag Liu

Oakland Museum Thumbnail

San Francisco

Lebbeus Woods, Architect through Jun 2
Garry Winogrand, through Jun 2

Selections from the SFMOMA Collection

Santa Rosa
Sonoma County Museum
-Tools as Art: the Hechinger Collection
of Contemporary Art Mar 9 - Jun 2

Sonoma County Museum Thumbnail

Santa Rosa
Charles M. Schultz Museum

Usable, Lovable Peanuts
December 15, 2012 to April 28, 2013

Charles M Schultz Museum Santa Rosa

Hearst Art Gallery
Carnival ... through Apr 14

May 5 - July 14
150th Anniversary of St. Mary's College,
Best of the Permanent Collection

Hearst Art Gallery Thumbnail
Mission San Francisco de Solano Museum

featuring the famed watercolor paintings
of the California Missions
by Christian Jorgensen

Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma CA

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

551 Broadway, Sonoma CA 95476 (707) 939-7862

-Roger Shimomura" Minidoka on my Mind, Apr 6 - Jun 16

Sonoma Museum of Art Exterior Thumb
Grace Hudson Museum

The Hupa People
through May 5

Grace Hudson Museum Bolinas
Bolinas Museum
featuring their permanent collection,

including Ludmilla and Thadeus Welch, Arthur William Best, Jack Wisby, Russell Chatham, Alfred Farnsworth. (thumbnail right ... a portion of Elizabeth Holland McDaniel's Bolinas Embarcadero. The green roof building on Wharf Street is the Bolinas Museum)
Elizabeth Holland McDaniel Bolinas Embarcadero thumbnail

Walnut Creek
Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts

Peaceable Kingdom: Animals Real and Imagined
Mar 3 - May 19

Lesher Ctr for the Arts Walnut Creek CA

San Jose
San Jose Museum of Art

approximately 2,000 20th & 21st century artworks including paintings, sculpture, new media, photography, drawings, prints, and artist books.

San Jose Museum of Art Thumbnail

Monterey Museum of Art
Henri Matisse: Improvisation, through May 19

Monterey Museum of Art

Palo Alto
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University

Rodin! The Complete Stanford Collection

Cantor Art Center at Stanford University
Crocker Art Museum
Approaching Infinity:
The Richard Green Collection of Meticulous Abstraction

through May 5 Sacramento
Capitol Museum

Governor's Portrait Gallery
Permanent Exhibits

Capitol Museum Sacramento Thumbnail
Stockton's Treasure!
The Haggin Museum

"if you've not visited yet, you must go!"

-Largest exhibition of Albert Beirstadt paintings anywhere,
-Joseph Christian Leyendecker,
(Norman Rockwell's mentor)
see our Newsletter article, April 2011
Southern California (and Arizona)

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Museum of Art

Art of the Americas, Level 3:
Artworks of paintings and sculptures from the colonial period to World War II— a survey of of art and culture
& "Levitated Mass"

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Irvine
The Irvine Museum
Lasting Impressions: Twenty Years of the irvine Museum, the museum's most popular
and important impressionist paintings ..
   through Jun 6
Irvine Museum Thumbnail

Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara
Museum of Art

Van Gogh to Munch: ongoing
Scenery, Story, Spirit: ongoing
California Dreaming, through Jun 16

Santa Barbara Museum of Art Thumbnail

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Art Museum

Permanent Collection
American 19th century Landscape Painting

Palm Springs Art Museum Thumbnail
San Diego
San Diego Museum of Art
Permanent Collection
San Diego Museum of Art Thumbnail

The Huntington Library

American Art Collection

Paintings by John Singer Sargent,
Edward Hopper, Robert Henri, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, William Keith, Mary Cassatt, Thomas Hart Benton and many more.

Huntington Library Art Collection Pasadena

Norton Simon Museum

-Permanent collection, European paintings

Norton Simon Museum Pasadena Pasadena
Museum of California Art

-California Scene Paintings, 1930-1960, through Jul 28
Pasadena Museum of California Art Exterior thumb
Prescott, AZ
Phippen Museum

Shadows on the Mesa
through Jun 16

Phippen Museum Entrance Hwy 89
& Beyond
Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum

Portland, OR
Portland Art Museum

Permanent Collection: American Art

Portland Art Museum Thumbnail

Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery

through Apr 28: The Civil War and American Art
Permanent ... Grand Salon Paintings
from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago
Permanent collection:
the Impressionists
Art Institute of Chicago Thumbnail
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus

is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Bentonville, AR
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery

Permanent collection
American Paintings

Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail

Philadelphia , PA
The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art Thumbnail
Philadelphia , PA
Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Campus
Opening May 19
Barnes Foundation Campus Philadelphia Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Museum
American Art
Permanent Collection
The Brooklyn Museum Thumbnail
New York , NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art

The largest selection of works by Edward Hopper
The Whitney Museum of American Art New York