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Now on exhibit
Joshua Meador Untitled Fishing Boats

Joshua Meador
Banner  May 12
Above .... Bodega Head Surf by Linda Sorensen
Now on exhibit
Robert Rishell Mountain Trail
From the 50's : John W. Hilton, Joshua Meador, & Robert Rishell
May 2012 Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Monthly News
from our gallery
the gallery
Jimmy Swinnerton Listens to the Radio
Jimmy Swinnerton in his
own voice: an Armed Forces
short-wave interview, 1963

Edgar and Elsie Payne Thumbnail
Edgar Payne's The Scenic Journey
at Sacramento's Crocker through

May 7, and then to Pasadena in June

Chicago AIC Lion Thumbnail
Chicago's spirited
and dazzling public art

from neighboring galleries
Museum Exhibits:
Bay Area, the Southland and beyond
Our archives:
past Newsletter articles and gallery exhibitions

* * * * *
Jimmy Swinnerton in his own voice: in an Armed Forces short-wave interview, 1963 Jimmy Swinnerton Listening to the Radio

Jimmy listening to the radio

We were thrilled to learn of this recording of Jimmy Swinnerton speaking about his cartooning career because it is the only known recording of Jimmy's voice.

Jimmy is
one of the four founding fathers of the newspaper comics. His famous strip "Little Jimmy" was published in Hearst's newspapers in New York, and later he created a strip featuring Navajo children called "Canyon Kiddies" which appeared in Good Housekeeping Magazine from 1922-1941.

This audio interview was conducted by Air Force Master Sergeant Percy Brown Jr., and was broadcast in 1963 via short wave radio to American troops stationed overseas. A tape of this interview was kept by lifelong comics fan Milt Kagen who has now made it available to the public. This interview is unedited, and for best viewing and listening, set the player below to full screen.

Jimmy is also known for his fine art paintings of the California Desert and his close friendship and association with so many of the California Desert School, including his San Francisco art school classmate, fellow Bohemian Club member and close friend, Maynard Dixon.

In 1906, Jimmy's cartooning career was soaring. But Jimmy fell ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. His poor prognosis given by three different doctors said Jimmy had only weeks to live. William Randolph Hearst suggested (ordered) Jimmy get himself out to the California Desert to recuperate. He soon arrived in Palm Springs, long before air conditioning and Palm Springs' wealthy population. But the fresh dry warm desert air did its magic and helped Jimmy recover and thrive.

A YouTube video featuring a 1963 audio interview accompanied by photos and comic strips done my Jimmy.

Once in the desert, Jimmy's fine art career took hold. His new desert paintings were vibrant and colorful, a reflection of Jimmy's new lease on life. Jimmy saw the desert as clean, alive and beautiful. He celebrated his joy of the desert by maintaining close associations with other desert dwellers, including the Navajo, and many other desert artists including fellow cartoonist from New York, Clyde Forsythe, his classmate from San Francisco, Maynard Dixon, and his younger student and great friend, John W. Hilton. In short order, Jimmy became the dean of the desert school, becoming the social and artistic link drawing together like minded desert loving painters, writers, and enthusiasts of all sorts.

His experiences with the Navajo lead to the creation of the beloved comic strip, Canyon Kiddies. When Jimmy conceived this strip, America's city children were taught to fear wild animals, but Jimmy's Canyon Kiddies embraced nature. Navajo children were taught that the wolf, the coyote, the eagle, the rattlesnake and the mountain lion were their brothers. Their embrace of wildlife and their height-defying fearless antics set in their Grand Canyon home proved not only enjoyable but enlightening and thought provoking for youthful readers throughout the urbanized east and the rest of America.

Jimmy lived to be 99 years old, and outlived all the doctors who gave him such a dismal prognosis. The joy he put into his work both as a cartoonist and as a fine artist is unmistakable, as are the testaments of his many friends who enjoyed his company. Enjoy the interview.

Here is Mighty Hunters by Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies Cartoons
in 1940 starring James Swinnerton's "Canyon Kiddies." Some of the
backgrounds used for this cartoon were taken from
desert paintings by James Swinnerton.

James Swinnerton's "Little Jimmy" guest stars in this Betty Boop
cartoon produced in 1936 by Max Fleischer.
Jimmy Swinnerton's page on our site | Back to the Top
* * * * *
Edgar Payne's The Scenic Journey at Sacramento's Crocker through
May 7, and then to Pasadena in June

This very large exhibition of nearly 100 major paintings shows the evolving range of Edgar Payne's style as he proceeded through the early twentieth century with paintings done in Europe and the Southwest. The exhibition is accompanied by drawings, photos, and other artistic objects from his studio.

Payne's painting employed a vibrant palette and animated brushwork all offering a shimmering light of impressionism. Many of his works are mosaics of texture, done in an almost tiled technique. He possessed a reverence for the natural world, and he

Edgar Payne in Paris Studio
Edgar Payne in his studio in Paris

strove to present his subject's rugged beauty. During Payne's lifetime 1883 - 1947, few people covered as many miles as Edgar and Elsie. On exhibit are Southern and Central California works, but also numerous paintings done in the Swiss Alps, the harbors and waterways of France and Italy, the Canadian Rockies, and stunningly dazzling works showing Arizona's Canyon de Chelly. Throughout his career, Payne forcefully sought to preserve the vitality, largeness, nobility and grandeur of the landscape before him.

Edgar was born in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, and because his father was displeased with Edgar's choice of a career in art, he left home at the age of 14, gaining a life's education from being a youthful tumbleweed, moving through the Ozarks. Texas, Mexico

Elsie and Edgar Payne
Edgar Payne and his artist wife Elsie Payne
Edgar Payne Canyon De Chelly Blue Canyon

Blue Canyon,
Canyon de Chelly,  after 1929

and eventually landing in Chicago. He gave a nod to formal art education by attending the Art Institute of Chicago for two brief weeks, but soon left formal art instruction. He always considered himself "self taught." He wasn't an artistic hermit though. He did maintain associations with other artists and was active with the Chicago Society of Artists and the Alumni Association of the Art Institute.

In 1916, Edgar was commissioned to paint the Southwest for the Sante Fe Railroad. In fulfilling his commitment, he spent four months in Canyon de Chelly, the scene of some of his best work.

In 1917, Edgar Payne was asked by the Congress Hotel in Chicago to provide murals for all eleven floors of their new hotel. To get the job done, he and his artist wife Elsie Payne marshalled the talents of other artists, Jack Wilkerson Smith, Peter Nielsen, and Grayson Sayer. They rented a warehouse in the town of Tropico (now Glendale) near Eagle Rock, California and began production.

In Eagle Rock, CA, a young artist named Conrad Buff heard of the project and applied for an assistant's position at $3.50 per day. Buff would stretch the canvases. Payne would then sketch out the painting. Buff would paint the sky and clouds, Payne and Smith would paint the foreground, Nielsen painted garlands and garlands of flowers, and Sayer and Payne would finish the foreground. By the end of the job, Buff was making $5.00 a day.

Edgar Payne Canyon De Chelly 1916
Sunset, Canyon de Chelly,  
Edgar Payne Restless Sea
Restless Sea,

Later on, Conrad Buff said of the experience, "For five months we did thousands of feet of that stuff. And we finally finished -- paintings for the hallways of an 11 story hotel. All of us felt for a while after we got through that we never wanted to see a tree or a flower or a lake or a cloud again!"

From 1922 to 1924, Edgar and Elsie painted in Europe. The couple spent a great deal of time studying paintings in the museums of Paris as well as venturing to the French and Italian shores and to the heights of the Alps. In the 1923 Paris Salon, Payne won an Honorable Mention, quite significant in light of the fact that there were 7,000 paintings being exhibited that year.

For much of their life as a a celebrated painting couple, the life of Edgar and Elsie Payne seemed charmed. Behind the scenes though, the relationship between the two painters wasn't doing as well. Edgar and Elsie separated in 1932. Elsie left because she felt her talents were sacrificed and suppressed by Edgar's demands. Once out on her own, she did well, but was convinced to return and live with Edgar when he was ill. She remained through Edgar's death in 1947. Their daughter wrote that "the last words her father spoke to her on his last day of life in 1947 were that "he was sorry he had been so selfish and that everything had been for his art."

Edgar Payne Sycamore Park Orange County
Sycamore in Autumn, Orange County Park,
c. 1917
Edgar Payne Rendezvous Santa Cruz Island Channel Islands off Santa Barbara
The Rendezvous (Santa Cruz Island, CA),  
Edgar Payne Untitled So California Hills
Along the Riviera, Menton, France,

So, whether you are in Northern or Southern California, you have an opportunity to see this extraordinary exhibition. The show is available at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento through May 7. Then it will head south, and be open in Pasadena in June. Please take the time to view the grand body of work, the sweeping scape of Edgar Payne's Scenic Journey.

Edgar Payne Mt Blanc
The Great White Peak
[Mt. Blanc, France], 1924
Breton Tuna Boats Edgar Payne
Edgar Payne, Breton Tuna Boats, Concarneau, France
The Crocker Museum | The Pasadena Museum of Art | Back to the Top
Tunnel of Lights United Terminal Chicago
The Tunnel, United Airlines Terminal, O'Hare International Airport by Helmut Jahn, Architect

Chicago's Spirited
and Dazzling Public Art
Chicago Buckingham Fountain
Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain
by Marcel F. Loyau, 1927

When describing Chicago, Carl Sandburg wrote "Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders." Chicago is certainly that and more. It is an original, brassy and proud, daringly willing to compete on the world's stage.

Chicagoans are a diverse and vibrant group. Their civic culture is filled with

style. Their music ranges from the Chicago Blues to its famous Symphony, its architecture ranges from early Frank Loyd Wright homes to its well known marvels of modern towering creativity.

Chicago thrives at the nations crossroads, where America's great rivers meet the Great Lakes, and where rail and air travel have their hubs. First "Chicago" was home to native Americans, and then discovered by French explorers. In fact, the name "Chicago" is derived from a French rendering of the Native American word shikaakwa, which means "wild garlic," from the Miami-Illinois language.

As America edged its way west, Chicago grew as a center of political activity, flexing its considerable muscle with the debates of Senator Douglas and a political upstart named Abraham Lincoln. And quite recently in November of 2008, Chicago held a celebration in Millennium Park as one of its own, Barrack Obama, became the first African American to become President of the United States.

Chicago AIC Lions
Guarding the door of the Art Institute in Chicago
The Lions by Edward Kemeys

When it comes to art, Chicago takes a back seat to no other city. Its Art Institute possesses one of the nation's greatest collections, and its school, the Art Institute of Chicago, has among its graduates a "Who's Who" in American Art.

But not all of Chicago's art is in museums. Much of the city's art treasures are displayed out in the elements, sharing the noise, grit and weather. Art seems to be one of the ways Chicago exercises its big shoulders. Art isn't an extra in Chicago. It is part of the daily norm. Its part of who Chicagoans are. Its their living history, the pulse of their present and a vision of its promise in the future, proud, daring and competitive.

"The Bowman and The Spearman"
Sculptor: Ivan Mestrovic, Installed: 1928

Chicago Marquette
Jacques Marquette Memorial
by Hermon Atkins MacNeil

Chicago George Washington
Heald Square Monument George Washington, Robert Morris and Hyam Salomon Memorial holding hands
by Lorado Taft
Chicago Lincoln the Man
Lincoln the Man by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1887

Chicagoans just know this statue
outside the Daley Center as "The Picasso"

Many a visitor to Chicago has entered the city via O'Hare's United Airline's outer terminal. To get from their planes to the main terminal, travelers must transit a very long people mover through a tunneled cascade of a pulsing and calming neon color, all accompanied by subdued music. Here's a piece of public art with a big job, to sooth the wearied traveler, reduce stress, and welcome travelers from points near and far.

The city's most iconic artistic treasures adorn Millennium Park. Buckingham fountain has long put on fascinating shows, day and night, summer and winter. The Lions standing guard at the Art Institute exemplify the city's confident kingly stature.

Chicago's history is played out by its sculpture, from its proud Native American past, the inquisitive arrival of daring explorers, a nod to the nation's revolutionary leadership, and the statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln facing the most difficult political challenges of abolition and nationhood.

Then pivoting forward, Chicago's art expresses with abstraction and wonder its emerging future. The best known of its more recent artworks is "the Picasso." It has received all kinds of reviews and even more interpretations, but regardless the interpretation, it has become a symbol, an iconic presence embodying the spirit of Chicago

Chicago Horn
Rising from the Lake by Milton Horn, 1954
Chicago Millenium Park
Cloud Gate on the AT&T Plaza by Anish Kapoor

Chicago Freeform
Freeform By - Richard Hunt

Graceful abstract works lean forward to Chicago's future. The Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor reflects the soaring thriving city, bending its lighted reflection as pliable as the city's embrace of its possibilities and potential. Richard Hunt fits with the Chicago spirit as graceful flames, hot and radiant, the presence of burning lively freedom in his Freeform. Marc Chagall's Four Seasons not only embraces the beauty of the four seasons, but also seems to say variety is part of Chicago's spirit, in wide ranging cultural, civic and cultural tastes.

A video tour of public art in the Loop
Chiccago Crossing
River North [Crossing - by Hubertus von der Goltz
Chicago Dawn Shadows
Dawn Shadows by Louise Berliawsky Nevelson, 1983
Chicago Marc Chagall
Four Seasons by Marc Chagall...
Chicago Calder
Flamingo by Alexander Calder

And Flamingo by Alexander Calder seems to so gracefully proclaim that Chicago is strong as steel, but flexible and bending, ready to meet to the demands of future challenge with grace and strength.

The biggest lesson here is how art works in a societal context. Art is not an add on, not an extra piece of beauty thrown in as an ornamental bit of bling. Art expresses the heart and soul of the citizens who exhibit it. It both reminds them and professes to others what is of importance and what is of substance for them. Public art provides a communal reflection and an expression of the essence of the citizenry's best aspirations.

If you were to ask the 3 million plus Chicagoans their definition, you would get at least that many answers, but overall, you would get a large segment who express great pride and satisfaction with their public art, and certainly an overwhelming unwillingness to part with it.

Back to the Top

* * * * *
News from our Gallery
  • GALLERY HOURS are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. We are also available for scheduled appointments, especially for those who wish to view the gallery on Mondays or Tuesdays. Please call Dan at the gallery and schedule a visit, or call him on his cell, phone, 510-414-9821.
Diane Perry Lady Washington Mast

Stop in and view Diane Perry's marvelous local photography.
She's been busy lately, adding a new set photos of
Bodega Bay's recent visit from the tall ships,
Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain.
Diane will be showing her work at the Fishermens Festival!
Diane's photos have been very popular among our gallery visitors. She offers
8 x 10 matted prints for $35.00 / $50.00 framed
and quite popular are her
Sets of cards, packages of 10 (2 each of 5 different photos) for $12.00
featuring Diane Perry's very patient and artful eye
as she photographs Bodega Bay's great landscape, flora and fauna
Diane's page on our website

Diane Perry Lady Washington in Campbell Cove
  • The Proposed Bodega Bay Trail ... a pedestrian and bicycle boardwalk from the Tides to Salmon Creek is again in the news. Read more in the Santa Rosa
    Press Democrat ... Bodega Bay Boardwalk Planned.

  • Michael Fahmie of the Bodega Country Market, the store with Alfred Hitchcock standing outside, was recently featured in an article for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat about Michael's growing museum of Alfred Hitchcock and The Birds items. Michael has previously worked as a chef, and the Press Democrat highly recommends Michael's smoked clam chowder and crab macaroni and cheese. Here's THE LINK to the Press Democrat Article.
Jean Warren  Abstract Watercolor

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's
Watercolorist Jean Warren (NWS)

"The creative process blends structure with a flurry of passion and intuition."

"I use abstraction or fractured images to express the rhythms or movement that are inherent in the scene."

Stop in and enjoy Jean's paintings.

Also look for Jean at the Marine Mammals Center booth at this year's
Bodega Bay Fish Fest,
April 28 & 29!

Jean's page on our website

What's showing in Bodega Bay?
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Sign Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
1785 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay,
CA 94923, 707-875-2911 | Map & Location
Celebrating Early California, Western and American Art
- original paintings by famous artists of the past
now on exhibit ... "From the Fifties"
(also printbins of unframed vintage block prints, lithographs and watercolors) plus Bodega Bay resident artists
Jean Warren (watercolors), Diane Perry (photography), and Linda Sorensen (oil paintings)
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Exterior
Reb Brown Sign Thumbnail

The Ren Brown Collection
"Established in 1989 and specializes in contemporary art from both sides of the Pacific. | Back to the Top

Ren Brown Collection

Local Color Gallery

Local Color Artist Gallery
\John Hershey and Mike Shoys Photography "Through the Lens"
Local Color Gallery proudly present the work of over 25 Sonoma County artists,
painters, sculptors, printmakers photographers and & creators of hand crafted jewelry

Gallery Hours, daily 10 AM to 5 PM
1580 Eastshore Dr., Bodega Bay
707-875-2744 | | Back to the Top

Boega School House Ron Sumner
What's showing nearby?
in Sonoma, Napa & Marin Counties
Christopher Queen Gallery

IN DUNCANS MILLS Christopher Queen Galleries
3 miles east of Hwy 1 on Hwy 116 on the Russian River

A delightful array of fresh paintings depicting
Human Nature
Ray Carpenter, Christine Crozier, Don Ealy, Allen Fignone, Ronald Goldfinger, Paul Kratter, Sergio Lopez, Kyle Paliotto, Dave Sellers, Robert Semans, Bart Walker, Wanda Westberg and F. Michaeil Wood.
Reception May 6, 2012 |707-865-1318| Back to the Top

Self Portrait of Xavier Martinez
Bobbi & Ron Quercia IN DUNCANS MILLS Quercia Gallery
 "Inner Light - Outer Music" by Vicoria Whitehand & Sandy Eastoak
May 3 - 31, 2012
Reception:  Saturdayday, May 5, 1, 3 -6 pm
Hours: 11am-5pm, Thur - Mon (707) 865-0243 | Back to the Top
Quercia Gallery Duncans Mills
Annex Galleries Santa Rosa IN Santa Rosa The Annex Galleries
specializing in 19th, 20th, and 21st century
American and European fine prints

The Annex Galleries is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). | Back to the Top
Lee Youngman Photo Thumbnail

IN CALISTOGA the Lee Youngman Gallery
Featuring the work of contemporary painter Paul Youngman,
and the works of famed painter, Ralph Love (1907-1992)
The Inside . . . Thalia Straton and The Outside . . . Ray Mendieta and Kristine Pallas | Back to the Top
Left ... Lee Youngman, Right ... Paul Yougman

Jeanette Legrue and her painting Lillies Thumbnail

IN TOMALES Tomales Fine Art
Host artist Janette LeGrue
Featuring local and national, award-winning artists:
Anne Blair Brown, Christin Coy, Timothy Horn, Debra Huse, Jeanette Le Grue,
John Poon, Randall Sexton, Brian Mark Taylor, and Antoinette Walker.

Open most weekends 12-5pm, and by appointment (707) 878-2525. | Back to the Top

Tomales Fine Art Gallery
QuickSilver Gallery Exterior

IN FORESTVILLE The Quicksilver Mine Co.
6671 Front St. (Hwy. 116) Downtown Forestville PHONE: 707.887.0799
April 13 - May 20 Beyond Words: New Portraits & Faces
Back to the Top

Linda Ratzlaff IN GRATON Graton Gallery

April 17 - May 27
"Inverness", Luminous oil paintings by Jill Keller-Peters

Bodega Landmark Gallery Thumb IN BODEGA Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection
17255 Bodega Highway Bodega, California USA 94922 Phone 707 876 3477 | | Back to the Top

West County Design Center

IN VALLEY FORD West County Design
West County Design provides an unexpected center of artistic sophistication in the charming town of Valley Ford in West Sonoma County. The business serves as a showroom for Bohemian Stoneworks, Current Carpets and Craig Collins Furniture. The gallery also showcases local artisans and quality furnishings for home and business.
(Across from the Valley Ford Hotel and its famed Rocker Oysterfeller's Restaurant) | Back to the Top

Right ... Silouette of Cypress, Kai Samuel-Davis

Sillouette of Cypress Kai Samuel-Davis Thumbnail
BBHPhoto Dennis Calabi

IN PETALUMA Calabi Gallery
Sebastopol's own famed master conservator Dennis Calabi brings his rare knowledge and experience
to present a tasteful and eclectic array of primarily 20th century artwork.

"100 Years of Bay Area Art"
The San Francisco Bay Area has produced a rich and varied art legacy.
Its natural beauty and reputation as a progressive oasis on the western frontier have always been magnetic to artists.
144 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952 Call 707-781-94952 |Back to the Top

Right ... Yellow Eye (Protest) by Robert Pearson McChesney, 1946, Oil on Masonite

Vintage Bank Petaluma Thumbnail IN PETALUMA Vintage Bank Antiques
Vintage Bank Antiques is located in Historic Downtown Petaluma, corner of Western Avenue and Petaluma Blvd. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Warren Davis and the rest of the team at Vintage Bank Antiques has assembled a spectacular inventory of paintings. From the 18th Century to Contemporary Artists. We have paintings to suit every price point and collector level.
If you have a painting for sale, please consider Vintage Bank Antiques. Contact Warren Davis directly at
101 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952, ph: 707.769.3097 | Back to the Top
Petaluma Arts Council Art Center

IN PETALUMA Petaluma Arts Council
"... to celebrate local artists and their contributions and involve the whole community
"A Culture Within"Japanese American experience through art
featuring the work of Henry Sugimoto
April 7 - May 29
| Back to the Top

Petaluma Art Center
Photo:Anita Diamondstein
* * * * *
Links to current museum exhibits relevant to Early California Art
The Greater Bay Area
The Walt Disney Family Museum
tickets available online
The museum tells Walt's story from his early days through the creation of his famed "Mouse Factory" & the Magic Kingdom.
Film of the Month: April 1 - April 30
The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men

1:00pm and 4:00pm
(daily except Tuesdays, and May 5, 19 & 20)
Disney Museum Exterior Thumbnail San Francisco
de Young Museum
The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier:
From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

March 24, 2012 - August 19, 2012
De Young Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco
California Historical Society
A Wild Flight of the Imagination
Story of the Golden Gate Bridge

through Oct 14

California Historical Society Thumbnail

San Francisco
Legion of Honor

The Cult of Beauty:
The Victorian Avant-Garde, 1860–1900

through Jun 17

San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco
ontemporary Jewish Museum

California Dreaming
Jewish Life in the Bay Area from
the Gold Rush to the Present

through Oct 16
San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum Thumbnail

Oakland Museum of California

ongoing Gallery of California Art
showcasing over 800 works from the OMCA's collecton
All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters
of the San Francisco Bay Area
: Through May 4

Oakland Museum Thumbnail

San Francisco

Mark Bradford, through Jun17
Rinike Dijkstra. a retrospective through May 28

Santa Rosa
Sonoma County Museum

The Tsars’ Cabinet: Two Hundred Years of Russian Decorative Arts under the Romanovs
February 24 – May 27, 2012

Sonoma County Museum Thumbnail

Santa Rosa Charles M. Schultz Museum
Leveling the Playing Field
through Aug 12

Charles M Schultz Museum Santa Rosa Moraga
Hearst Art Gallery

Master Artist Tribute IX: Richard McLean
& The William Keith Gallery ... ongoing

Hearst Art Gallery Thumbnail
Mission San Francisco de Solano Museum

featuring the famed watercolor paintings
of the California Missions
by Christian Jorgensen

Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma CA

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

551 Broadway, Sonoma CA 95476 (707) 939-7862

Color Theory: The Use of Color in Contemporary Art
Mar 31-Jun 10

Sonoma Museum of Art Exterior Thumb
Grace Hudson Museum

Out of the Comfort Zone:
New Directions in Quilting

through Jul 29

Grace Hudson Museum Bolinas
Bolinas Museum

featuring their permanent collection,

including Ludmilla and Thadeus Welch,
Arthur William Best, Jack Wisby, Russell Chatham,
Alfred Farnsworth.

(thumbnail right ... a portion of
Elizabeth Holland McDaniel's Bolinas Embarcadero.
The green roof building on Wharf Street
is the Bolinas Museum)
Elizabeth Holland McDaniel Bolinas Embarcadero thumbnail

Walnut Creek
Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts
Outfitters: The contemporary art of Clothing
through May 13
Cardboard Institute of Technology presents:
Cardburg 2012, The Super Track 
June 10 - August 12, 2012 

Lesher Ctr for the Arts Walnut Creek CA

San Jose
San Jose Museum of Art

approximately 2,000 20th & 21st century artworks including paintings, sculptur, new media, photography, drawings, prints, and artist books.

San Jose Museum of Art Thumbnail

Monterey Museum of Art
-California Impressionism --
Selections from the Irvine Museum
through May 27

Monterey Museum of Art

Palo Alto
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University

Rodin! The Complete Stanford Collecion

Cantor Art Center at Stanford University
Crocker Art Museum

Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey
through May 6
Mark your calendars ... American Chronicles:
The Art of Norman Rockwell, Nov 10 - Feb 3, 2013l Sacramento
Capitol Museum

Governor's Portrait Gallery

Permanent Exhibits

Capitol Museum Sacramento Thumbnail
Haggin Museum

"if you've not been here yet, you must go!"

-Largest exhibit of Albert Beirstadt paintings anywhere,
& California, American and European impressionists.
and ...
-Joseph Christian Leyendecker, (Norman Rockwell's mentor) and trailblazing cover artist for the Saturday Evening Post
see our Newsletter article, April 2011
Southern California (and Arizona)

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Museum of Art

Art of the Americas, Level 3:
Artworks of paintings and sculptures from the colonial period to World War II— a survey of of art and culture
& "Levitated Mass"

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The Irvine Museum

Inner Visions
Women Artists of California
Mar 17 - Jun 7

Irvine Museum Thumbnail

Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara
Museum of Art

Van Gogh to Munch: European Masterworks
through 2012

Santa Barbara Museum of Art Thumbnail

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Art Museum

Night and Day, The Paintings of Lockwood DeForest
through April 8
Western and Native American Art
from the Permanent Collection

Reopening with new selections October 18, 2011|
Combining traditional and contemporary artworks, this installation presents a complex blend of cultures, landscapes, historical forces and artistic traditions that both inform and challenge our ever evolving notion of the West.

Palm Springs Art Museum Thumbnail
San Diego
San Diego Museum of Art

Permanent Collection

San Diego Museum of Art Thumbnail

The Huntington Library

American Art Collection

Paintings by John Singer Sargent,
Edward Hopper, Robert Henri, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, William Keith, Mary Cassatt, Thomas Hart Benton and many more.

Huntington Library Art Collection Pasadena

Norton Simon Museum

-Permanent collection, European paintings
Lessons of the Cherry Blossom: Japanese Woodblock Prints
Apr 20 - Sep 03

Norton Simon Museum Pasadena Pasadena
Museum of California Art

Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey
June 3 - Oct 14
Pasadena Museum of California Art Exterior thumb
Flagstaff, AZ
Museum of Northern Arizona

Shadows of the Mesa
now through May
Museum of Northern Arizona Thumbnail Prescott, AZ
Phippen Museum

Arizona’s Pioneering Women: Early Women Artists

through July 12
Phippen Museum Entrance Hwy 89
& Beyond
Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum

Portland, OR
Portland Art Museum

Mark Rothko
through May 27

Permanent Collection: American Art

Portland Art Museum Thumbnail
Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery

Permanent ... Grand Salon Paintings
from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago

Permanent collection:
the Impressionists
Art Institute of Chicago Thumbnail
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus

is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.

upcoming ... Marvin Cone: An America Master
Sep 29 - Jan 30, 2013

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Bentonville, AR
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery

Permanent collection
American Paintings

upcoming ... George Bellows (1882–1925)
June 10–October 8, 2012

Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail Philadelphia , PA
The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Van Gogh Up Close ... through May 6, 2012
Philadelphia Museum of Art Thumbnail
Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Museum
American Art
Permanent Collection
The Brooklyn Museum Thumbnail New York , NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art

The largest selection of works by Edward Hopper
The Whitney Museum of American Art New York
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