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Robert Rishell Trail of the Giants
Robert Rishell
Trail of the Giants
oil on canvas, 30 x 40
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Monthly - October 2014
Celebrating California Art
Wednesdays through Sundays, 12:00 - 4:00
other times by appointment 707-875-2911 or 510-414-9821 (cell)
1785 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, CA 94923
New at the gallery
Joshua Meador Rain People
Joshua Meador
Rain People
oil on linen, 27 x 18

Grace Hudson in Hawaii 1901
Grace Hudson, "Days of Grace"
11 Months in Hawaii-1901
Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah

Dorothea Lange and Maynard Dixon
Dorothea Lange & Maynard
Dixon, Images of
the Great Depression
Gubernatorial Portrait
Arnold Schwarzenegger's
Gubernatorial Portrait
arrives in Sacramento
Currently on Exhibit
at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
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Photo Grace Hudson in Hawaii 1901
Photo of Grace Hudson in Hawaii
, 1901
High collar, bow and hat
Grace Hudson,
"Days of Grace"

11 Months in Hawaii-1901
Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah
Hudson Grace Photo Warm Spring Puna
Grace swimming with friends, Warm Spring Puna
Grace is second from the left

In 1901, artist Grace Hudson visited Hawaii for eleven months. Previously, Hawaii had hosted California painters including the great Jules Tavernier and Hugo Anton Fisher, but Grace was among the first artists to paint portraits of Hawaiian women and children, and she did so in the same sensitive manner as she had painted Pomo Indians in California.

Sherrie Smith-Ferri, Director of Ukiah's Grace Hudson Museum
gives an overview of Grace and her significance.

Grace was in need of some rest. Her marriage and her professional life were under stress, and she needed to recalibrate.

She had become resentful of her husband John because she had to bear the greater portion of financial responsibility from her painting sales. She was exhausted.

Her husband was John Hudson. He was a physician, but he dedicated most of his time and energy to his avocation, the study of Pomo Indians. Consequently, his medical practice did poorly. As patients dwindled, pressure increased on Grace to fill the financial void with proceeds from her painting sales. Grace found her productivity was diminishing as her resentment was growing. Something had to give; she needed a break.

At the suggestion of friends, she made plans for an extended trip to Hawaii. While Grace was in the islands, John pursued a year-long trip to Chicago to work at the Chicago Field Museum, leaving his medical practice in Ukiah on hold.

Today, people frequent Hawaii, many thinking of the islands as their second home. But instead of a quick four and a half hour flight, in Grace's day it took eight long days aboard a steamer.

On a San Francisco dock the day after Christmas, 1900, Grace bid goodbye to her husband John and her brothers, Grant and Frank Carpenter. The Zealandia was one of many steamships ferrying passengers, freight and mail between California and Hawaii -- about 100 passengers were on board. Grace made some friends on the voyage, including Sidney Miller Ballou, a thirty-one-year-old Honolulu attorney, and Ivy Richardson, a well connected young woman of mixed Chinese, Hawaiian and European roots. Both would provide Grace with an entree into the upper echelons of Hawaiian society, and both would come to own many of Grace's Hawaiian paintings.

Grace enjoyed the voyage. She had one of the ship's two spacious bridal suites. At dinner, Grace charmed the captain of the ship, Thomas Dowdell, so much so that one day of the voyage, he set all the ship's sails, just so Grace could see what it looked like.

On January 2, Grace stepped onto Oahu where her interests soon focused on her art, the Hawaii culture and Honolulu society. In short order, she visited Chinatown, went to a Hawaiian luau and visited the Bishop Museum. Grace enjoyed exploring the islands and settling in. Correspondence with John in those days was spotty, even though each steamship back and forth carried letters. Grace wished John would correspond more, but when John wrote, he was prodding Grace with queries about when she was coming home. But Grace was following her inquisitive artistic nose.

Grace Hudson Diamond Head and Waves
Diamond Head and Waves
, Grace Hudson
Kakalaioa Bramble Bush Grace Hudson
Kakalaioa Bramble Bush
, Grace Hudson

She turned her attention to doing what she had done so well in California, getting to know native women and children and painting their portraits with her unique blend of artistry mixed with the tenderness, sensitivity and friendship she held for her subjects. Below are some of the paintings now on exhibit.

Kakalaioa (Bramble Bush)
Painting #193, oil on board 1901 ... This small painting refers to a thorny Hawaiian plant with attractive foliage and blooms. The title may refer to Grace's understanding of the child. Just as the plant was a combination of prickliness and play, so too was the child.

Little Girl in the Sand Photo of painting #202 ... Grace's diary says this girl with frilly pantaloons is sitting on the beach at Waikiki. The original painting was exhibited at the Kennedy-Rabjohn Gallery in San Francisco in 1902, but its current status and location is not known.

Study for Girl in the Sand Grace Hudson
Study for Girl in the Sand
, Grace Hudson
Girl in the Sand Grace Hudson
Girl in the Sand
, Grace Hudson
Punahele Grace Hudson
, Grace Hudson

Punahele Painting #197, oil on board ... Punahele translates as "pet" or "favorite." In the case of this painting, "pet" or "favorite" could hold a double meaning. It could refer to the girl's relationship to her beloved cats, or Grace's relationship to the girl, or both. She began this painting in Hilo, and later exhibited it in Honolulu and later at the Alaska - Yukon - Pacific Exposition, a World's Fair held in Seattle in 1909.

Head of Louie Painting # 205, Oil on board 1901 ... This girl of Hilo, Hawaii is known only as "Louie." Grace's painting #206 is known as "Louie's Aunt", and "Hapa Haole," meaning part Hawaiian and part white.

Head of Louie Grace Hudson
Head of Louie, Grace Hudson

Chinese Girl Laughing Painting # 188, Oil on board, 1901 ... Grace gifted this painting to the proprietor of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, thanking him for his kindness and discounting her dining bill. It is similar to a girl in Grace's painting #207, and it is possible the two girls were sisters and children of the laundress, Wah Lee.

Chinese Girl Laughing Grace HudsonChinese Girl Laughing, Grace Hudson

Chinese Child Painting #189, Oil on board, 1901 ... Grace gave this painting to her friend Alice Kimball Campbell of Mendocino. Campbell had moved to

Chinese Child Grace Hudson
Chinese Child
, Grace Hudson

Hawaii after her marriage and introduced Grace to Hawaiian society, making Grace feel most welcome upon her arrival.

Hudson Grace A Kamaaina
A Kamaaina,
Grace Hudson,
sampling poi from a wooden bowl with dried squid
Hudson Grace Aloha
, Grace Hudson

"A Kamaaina" Painting #196, Oil on canvas 1901 ... "A Kamaaina" is an Hawaiian idiom for a native Hawaiian. Grace includes in this painting a large wooden bowl of the Hawaiian dish of poi and a dried squid on the woven matt. She worked on this painting longer than any other of her Hawaiian works and it was exhibited in Honolulu and later in San Francisco.

Woman with a Haku Lei Grace Hudson
Woman with a Haku Lei,
Grace Hudson

Aloha Painting #209, oil on board, 1901 ... Grace gave this portrait to her husband John. Grace did not title this painting in her diary, but described it as an old Hawaiian woman at Waikiki. Its custom made beaten copper frame had the name "Aloha" embossed on it, hence its current title.

Haunani (Woman with Haku Lei) Unfinished portrait on canvas, 1901 ...
This oil sketch may be the first portrait Grace did in Hawaii. It appears she started and stopped several times while working on it, finally setting it aside. She never entered the painting in her diary of finished numbered oils.

Girl with Feathered Lei Painting #208, Oil on Canvas ... The identity of the woman is not known, but feathered leis were only worn by royalty. Grace could have painted this model with the lei in person, or could have painted the model and then added the lei from examples she had observed at the Bishop Museum.

Emma Square Grace Hudson, Painting #187 Oil on canvas ... Emma Square was a small park located near Grace Hudson's hotel in Honolulu. In 1901 it was a popular location for lei sellers to peddle their wares. Grace either sold or gave this painting to her

Hudson Grace Girl with Feather Lei
Girl with Feather Lei
, Grace Hudson
Emma Square Grace Hudson
Emma Square
Grace Hudson

good friend, George Warfield, who was a constant companion in Honolulu. It has remained in his family since 1901 and has never been publicly displayed before.

Considering Hawaii's geographic isolation, Honolulu amazingly thrived as an art center. World renowned talent had visited the islands for some years, including Jules Tavernier who died there in 1889. While in the islands, Grace met and painted with other artists, enjoying their collegiality and companionship. Here are some pieces done during Grace's Hawaiian tenure.

Lost Culture Theodore Wores
Lost Culture
, Theodore Wores

Lost Culture Theodore Wores, 1902 Oil on Canvas ... Theodore Wores arrived in Honolulu in 1901 and told reporters he desired to immortalize the fast vanishing spirit of old Hawaiian life. Wores later felt Hawaii's old spirit had faded, perhaps reflected in the sad eyes of the Hawaiian girl in this painting.

The Artist and His Wife, Honolulu Harold Meade and Jeannie Mott Smith Oil on canvas, 1898 ... San Francisco artist Harold Meade Mott Smith 1872-1948 was born in Hawaii in 1872 and had studied in Paris and exhibited at the Paris Salon. Grace Hudson wrote her husband John, speaking glowingly of this Honolulu artist. This painting survived the '06 quake in SF.

The Artist and His Wife Grace Hudson
The Artist and His Wife,
Harold Meade and Jeanie Mott-Smith
Harold Meade Mott-Smith

Hawaiian House David Howard Hitchcock 1861-1943, No date ... At a young age, David Hitchcock accompanied his father on long camping expeditions surveying portions of the Big Island. From these early experiences, he was intrigued by Hawaiian environs, from the lava deserts, the volcanos, and the rain forests. This painting of a Hawaiian house would have been a

David Howard Hitchcock Hawaiian House
Hawaiian House
, David Howard Hitchcock 1901

common sight. Hitchcock accompanied Jules Tavernier on his first trip to Kilauea and studied with the great artist.

Volcano, Charles Furneaux, 1901 ... This scene was painted shortly after Grace's arrival in Hawaii, showing Kilauea's fiery nighttime glow. Charles Furneaux had settled in Hawaii in 1880 and is prominent among the painters of the Hawaiian "Volcano School."

Furneaux Charles Volcano
Charles Furneaux, 1901

"Days of Grace" California artist Grace Hudson in Hawaii, is now at Ukiah's Grace Hudson Museum and runs through December 28, 2014. The museum's permanent collection is also on exhibit, a wide sampling of Grace Hudson's portraits and paintings done among California's Pomo Indians. Make plans now to visit Ukiah and enjoy this Californian treasure!

The Grace Hudson Museum | Back to the Top

Dorothea Lange & Maynard Dixon,
Images of the Great Depression
Dorothea Lange and Maynard Dixon
Dorothea Lange and Maynard Dixon, circa 1920

They were drawn together in part because of their common interests in art, particularly visual language and expression. He was an established painter of the American desert, and a successful illustrator, she was a talented young portrait photographer. Romance bloomed and the couple married, seemingly unhindered by a twenty year age difference. He was in his forties, she in her twenties.

Their marriage did not last. After fifteen years, the couple divorced in 1935. But their relationship was responsible to some degree for the art each produced during the Great Depression, arguably some of their best work.

Maynard Dixon studied with Arthur Mathews at the California School of Design, and there became friends with Xavier Martinez who introduced Maynard to the Bohemian Club, San Francisco's legendary association of artists and patrons. After a time working in New York where he did magazine illustrations with Western themes, Dixon returned to San Francisco.

In 1915 at San Francisco's Panama Pacific International Exposition, Dixon was impressed by the new art he saw exhibited there. He began associating with a circle artists well versed in new ideas and met a portrait photographer, Dorothea Lange, who lived in Berkeley at the time. In part from his association with Lange and his new circle of friends, Dixon's work began to emphasize design with simplified color and composition. He was evolving into a true modernist.

The Forgotten Man, BYU Museum of Art
No Place to Go, BYU Museum of Art

The Great Depression brought instant hardship to millions across the country. One in four was out of work, and those working had smaller pay checks and higher prices while goods grew scarce. Dixon tried to capture the despair on canvas by creating social realism paintings. He painted the common man, dignified, but out of luck with "no place to go," the common man, able and willing, but with no options, down and out, but not defeated.

The Forgotten Man sitting on the curb out of work and out of options gazes downward at a loss, dejected, hunched shoulders, helpless and alone. The legs of fellow citizens busily pass by, as if the man was invisible, unworthy of the slightest eye contact.

The man with No Place to Go leans against a fence sloping downward into the darkness, with an unapproachable seaward horizon offering hope, but no hope for him.

Scab, the Oakland Museum

Strikers Confronting Police, BYU Museum of Art
Maynard Dixon Keep Moving
Keep Moving, BYU Museum of Art
Free Speech
, BYU Museum of Art

Oddly enough, in Scab both the strikers and the scab are doing what they feel needs to be done to get through the hard times, times which cause them to turn on one another.

Strikers Confronting Police shows desperate strikers willing to risk strong- arming a singular cop. Police were often bought off and used by the employers to force strikers into compliance.

In 1934, San Francisco labor problems caused workers to picket. Keep Moving is the cops order for two lines of men walking in opposite directions. Some have fists clenched in added silent protest aimed toward the cops across the way.

In a San Francisco labor rally of sailors and longshoremen between 1934-36, Dixon shows a defiantly courageous lone speaker with arm extended signaling thumbs up while police listen in. Free Speech expresses Dixon's firm belief in the freedoms of expression and assembly.

Migrant Mother, 1939 ... This image has since morphed into a ubiquitous unofficial poster image of the Great Depression. Two hungry children cling to their mothers averting their gaze as their worried mother holding a baby ponders where the next meal will come from.

In 1918, 23 year old Dorothea Lange arrived in San Francisco. She was already an accomplished portrait photographer and set up her studio in Berkeley. She associated with the Bay Area's young artist community. In short order, she met Maynard Dixon who was twenty years older and who was already an established artist.

Dixon was swept away by Dorothea's youth, energy and her artistic ideas. The couple was married in 1920.

Although the realities of married life, groceries, babies, laundry, piled on, Dorothea would steal moments to practice her photography. She was not pleased that it was expected his art took priority over her endeavors.

With the arrival of the Depression in 1929, she turned her artistic eye away from studio portraiture and focused on photographing real people impacted by the Depression, just as Maynard was doing on canvas.

Dorothea Lange Nursing Mother 1936
Nursing Mother, 1936 ... although not as well known as Migrant Mother, this image shows a worried mother as her child draws on what little strength she has to give.

In a February 1960 article in Popular Photography Magazine, Lange had this to say of Migrant Mother. "I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet. I do not remember how I explained my presence or my camera to her, but I do remember she asked me no questions. I made five exposures, working closer and closer from the same direction. I did not ask her name or her history. She told me her age, that she was thirty-two. She said that they had been living on frozen vegetables from the surrounding fields, and birds that the children killed. She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food. There she sat in that lean-to tent with her children huddled around her, and seemed to know that my pictures might help her, and so she helped me. There was a sort of equality about it."

Migrant Family in California
, 1935 ... Packed up with all they have and they still have nothing, except the will to keep rolling, keep searching in hope of a meal, a place to sleep, and a wisp of an opportunity for a way forward.
<empty>Lange_Dorothea_Oklahoma_children_near_Bakersfield_1935_320.jpgOklahoma Children near Bakersfield, 1935 ... They came to California as they were, wearing homespun threadbare clothes on their back and their preexisting conditions. Lange_Dorothea_White_Angel_Bread_Line_SF_1933_320.jpg
White Angel Bread Line, San Francisco, 1933 ... The bread line was welcome, but it wasn't a solution.
Quite evident on the face of this gentleman is his
yearning for a job. He wants to earn rather than to wait for a hand out of daily bread.

This photo is entitled "A Nice Round Number." It shows a migrant worker scratching numbers into the dust atop an old spare tire. The image is meant to convey a rather harsh visual joke. He's calculating his yearly pay, compensation which adds up to a rubber check.

In 1978, a Modesto Bee reporter identified the woman in Migrant Mother, nearly forty years after Lange took the photo. The mother, Florence Owens Thompson was quoted to have said, "I wish she [Lange] hadn't taken my picture. I can't get a penny out of it. She didn't ask my name. She said she wouldn't sell the pictures. She said she'd send me a copy. She never did."

Filipinos Picking Lettuce
, 1935 ... When work was available, people worked, no matter the task, willingly and hard, all day long.

Since Lange was working for the government at the time the photo was taken, it was in the public domain. Lange received no royalties from it.

In a December 2008 interview, Florence's daughter Katherine McIntosh paid tribute to her mother saying she was a "very strong lady, the backbone of our family." She went on, "We never had a lot, but she always made sure we had something. She didn't eat sometimes, but she made sure us children ate. That's one thing she did do."

After her marriage with Maynard Dixon, Dorothea Lange married Paul Schuster Taylor, a progressive agricultural economist who taught at Berkeley. What is certain of Dorothea's depression era photography is she gave dignity to the economic refugees as they moved about the county in search of work. Her images capture the extraordinary character of desperate people, visually conveying the character people seem to be able to draw upon when faced with immeasurable challenge and hardship. Her images of mothers in particular show the demands of caring for children's needs when there was no place to turn for help.

Back to the Top

Arnold Schwarzenegger's
Gubernatorial Portrait
arrives in Sacramento

In Sacramento, there is a portrait gallery of California's governors since 1850. Recently, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to the Capitol Building for the unveiling of his portrait. The unveiling ceremony for Gov. Schwarzenegger included Governor Jerry Brown along with lots of media. Soon Arnold's portrait will take its place among the portraits of his predecessors.

CA Governor Earl Warren
Governor Earl Warren
Governor Pat Brown
Governor Pat Brown
CA Governor Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan
CA Governor Jerry Brown
Governor Jerry Brown

The first reviews of his portrait were not kind. The portrait was painted by Austrian portrait artist Gottfried Helnwein, a realist who previously illustrated Andy Warhol and John F. Kennedy. But critics quickly pointed out there was little realism, because in the portrait, Arnold appears thirty years younger. Also, there were reports that Arnold's lapel pin originally referenced

CA Governor George Dukmejian
Governor George Dukmejian
CA Governor Pete Wilson
Governor Pete Wilson
CA Governor Gray Davis
Governor Gray Davis
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

ex-wife Maria Schriver. The divorce came after the portrait was finished, and the lapel pin had to be blurred before the unveiling.

Next were humorous comparisons to Governor Brown's non-traditional portrait. Gov. Brown joked that his father, former Gov. Pat Brown said that after people saw that portrait, Jerry would never be elected to office again.

Arnold was not the first movie star to sit in the governor's chair. Ronald Reagan served as California's governor for two terms. When it came time for his portrait, he chose a Californian and fellow Bohemian Club member, artist Robert Rishell of Oakland. Rishell's work is represented in Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery's collection.

Rishell was the son of a former Oakland mayor and was a founder of the Oakland Museum. He is known for his landscape paintings, and is especially known for his technique of looking into the sun when he painted.

In a 1969 KGO radio interview, Rishell explain to viewers the reason he looked into the light is "you need darkness to show light."

Robert Rishell Interview, Palm Desert, CA, March 1, 1969

Robert Rishell Trail of the Giants
Trail of the Giants
by Robert Rishell
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Collection
Above ... Robert Rishell Interview, KGO Radio, March 1, 1969

An excerpt of the interview is accessible above. Click the dark square to view it. The entire interview is available on Rishell's page on our site.

Such is the case in his stunning portrait of Ronald Reagan. With sunlight beaming from his head, face, shoulder and arm, Reagan's image is separated from the redwoods and capitol building behind him.

Robert Rishell's Trail of the Giants is on display at the gallery. The interview (above) was done by KGO personality Robert Avery on the occasion of Robert Rishell’s One Man Show at the Desert Southwest Art Gallery, Palm Desert, California.

California State Governors | Robert Rishell at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery | Back to the top

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Paul Youngman
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Days of Grace: 
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see our Newsletter article, April 2011
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Permanent Collection: American Art
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Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery

Permanent ... Grand Salon Paintings
from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago
Permanent collection:
the Impressionists
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Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus

is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Bentonville, AR
Crystal Bridges
Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery

Permanent collection
American Paintings
Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail Philadelphia , PA
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Philadelphia , PA
Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Campus
Barnes Foundation Campus Philadelphia Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Museum
American Art
Permanent Collection
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New York , NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art

The largest selection of works by Edward Hopper
The Whitney Museum of American Art New York