Women Painters of California
Women Artists from our collection

Featuring a variety of paintings by

Henritta Riddell Fish 1856 - 1925

Henrietta Riddle Fish Marsch Sunset Thumbnail Henrietta Riddle Fish Yosemite Valley Chapel Thumbnail

Una Gray -1930
Gray Una Mt Road Thumb .jpg Una Gray Mount Hood Thumbnail Gray Una Seacoast Thumb .jpg
Grace Myrtle Allison Griffith 1885 - 1955
Grace Allison Griffith Sheep Hills and Eucalyptus Thumbnail Griffith Alllison Dune Path Thumb .jpg Griffith Allison Early Summer Thumb .jpg Griffith Allison Pasture Path Thumb .jpg
Grace Allison Griffith Landscape at Twilight 1937 Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Grazing Sheep Sonoma 1924 Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Harris Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Pasture Thumbnail
Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Meadow Triptych Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Poplars Path and Fence Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Poplar Trio and Brook Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Spring Shower Valley of the Moon Thumbnail
Grace Allison Griffith California Oak and Sheep Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Spring Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Stream Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Pasture and Eucalyptus Thumbnail

Anna Althea Hills Yellow Daffodils Thumbnail

Anna Althea Hills 1882 - 1930

Anna Althea Hills White Roses 1904 Thumbnail
Anna Hills Wooded Stream and Sheep Thumbnail Anna Hills Laguna Shore Thumbnail Anna Hills Pale Opal Thumbnail Anna Hills Red Roses Thumbnail

Kathi Hilton Golden Promas Kathi Hilton 1939 -
Kathi Hilton Awakening Spring Thumbnail Kathi Hilton Before the Storm Thumbnail Kathi Hilton Smoke Tree Thumbnail
Kathi Hilton Spring Thumbnail Kathi Hilton Springs Promise Thumbnail Kathi Hilton Valley Splendor Thumbnail
Kathi Hilton Spring Dance Thumbnail
Kathi Hilton Eternal Silence Thumbnail
Hilton Kathi Radiance Thumb .jpg

Thelma Speed Houston 1914 - 2000

Houston Thelma Speed Cathedral Thumb .jpg
Houston Thelma Speed SF Fog Thumb .jpg Houston Thelma Speed Big Sur Thumb .jpg Houston Thelma Speed Church Door Thumb. jpg Houston Thelma Speed Plaza Entry Thumb .jpg
Houston Thelma Speed Park Pond Thumb NF .jpg Thelma Speed Houston Hillside Park Thumbnail Houston Thelma Speed Aurora Thumb .jpg Houston Thelma Speed Augies Thumb .jpg

Orpha Mae Klinker 1891 - 1964
Orpha May Klinker Valley Oaks and Mountain Thumbnail
Orpha Klinker Winter Touches the Desert Thumbnail
Orpha Mae Klinker Goats Chavez Ravine Thumbnail

Elizabeth Schleussner 1881 - 1956
Elizabeth Schleussner Eucalyptus Thumbnail Elizabeth Schleussner Back Road Arizona Thumbnail Elizabeth Schleussner Miniature Thumbnail Elizabeth Schleussner Eucalyptus Thumbnail

Lydia Vercinsky 1918 - 2001
Lydia Vercinsky Redwoods 1964 Thumbnail Lydia Vercinsky Forest Stream Thumbnail Vercinsky Lydia Sierra Th .jpg
Nell Gertrude Walker Warner 1891 - 1970
Warner Nel Walker Path to Sea Thumb .jpg

Sylvia Winslow 1910 - 1996

Sylvia Winslow Desert Thumbnail Winslow Sylvia Linns Valley Thumb .jpg

Florence Upson Young 1872 - 1974
Florence Upson Young Cabin in the Foothills Thumbnail
Florence Upson Young The Edge of the Desert Thumbnail Florence Upson Young Cypress Cove Thumbnail Florence Upson Young Desert Thumbnail
Florence Upson Young Eucalyptus and Mountain Thumbnail Florence Upson Young Mountain and Tree Thumbnail Florence Upson Young Alaskan Inlet Thumbnail Florence Upson Young Half Dome Yosemite Thumbnail

And Individual Works by

Ades Lola Thumb.jpg
Lola Ades 1913-2002
Sandra Beebe Quiet Cove Pacific Grove California Thumbnail
Sandra Beebe - contemporary
Ruth Manerva Bennett Oak Grove Thumbnail
Ruth Manerva Bennett
Josephine Blanch Pansies in a Basket Thumbnail
Josephine Blanch
Alice Chittenden A Snow Covered Path Thumbnail
Alice Brown Chittenden
Curtis Alice Hunt Y Thumb .jpg
Alice Hunt Curtis

Virginia Chism Darce Spring Landscape 1944 Thumbnail
Virginia Chism Darce
Emery Bertha Luce Ackerman Creek 1919 Thumb .jpg
Bertha Luce Emery

Fountain Grand Canyon Thumb .jpg
Grace Fountain

Joan Hanford Point Arena Lighthouse Thumbnail
Joan Hanford
Anna Heftner Clouds Eucalyptus and Ranch Sheds ThumbnailAnna Hefner
Elizaabeth Hoen Sonoma Valley Thumbnail
Elizabeth Hoen

Marie B Kendall Sycamores Thumbnail
Marie Boening Kendall

Isabel Lockwood California Seacoast Nocturne Thumbnail
Isabel Lockwood

early 20th century
MacKenzie Florence L B CA Desert Gold Town Thumb .jpg
Florence Louise
Bryant MacKenzie

Nellie Moody Grapes Thumbnail
Nellie Moody

19th century
Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Coast Thumbnail
Charlotte E. Morgan
Kate Newhall Beach Rock and Gulls Thumbnail
Kate Newall