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Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
"WPA California Style Watercolors" March & April '08

In the midst of the great depression, people were put to work by the government in all kinds of public work projects; building roads, schools, dams, and other infrastructure projects. As part of the WPA (Works Progress Administration), artists of all kinds were hired to inspire the workers to pull together and help rebuild America.

In painting, a style of watercolors, now dubbed the "WPA" style, also called the "California style" arose, which showed Americans on the job. The "California Style," was established and influenced by the work of Millard Sheets, Phil Dike, Milford Zornes, and others, and has been carried on by artists who studied under them at the Chouinard Art School in Los Angeles.

Each of the exhibit thumbnails below is linked to an individual page with enlarged photos.

Ralph Baker 1908-1976 Ralph Baker Lake Webber Midsized Thumbnail
Lake Webber
Ralph Baker Snow in Groveland Midsized Thumbnail
Snow in Groveland
Ralph Baker Deserted Cabin and Tree Midsized Thumbnail
Deserted Cabin and Tree
Ralph Baker Coast Midsized Thumbnail

Sandra Beebe
Sandra BeeBe Quiet Cove Pacific Grove Midsized Thumbnail
Quiet Cove, Pacific Grove

Sam Cook (20th century)
Sam Cook Yesterdays Harvest Midsized Thumbnail
Yesterday's Harvest
Sam Cook Red Caboose Midsized Thumbnail
Red Caboose

Virginia Darce Spring Landscape Midsized Thumbnail
Spring Landscape 1944
Virginia Darce 1910-

Philip Latimer Dike 1906 - 1990
Phil Dike After Sailing Midsized Thumbnail
After Sailing
Phil Dike Urban Shore Midsized Thumbnail
Urban Shore

Justin Faivre 1902 - 1990
Justin Faivre Estuary Docking Midsized Thumbnail
Estuary Docking
Justin Faivre Ocean Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Ocean Beach

Jade Fon Night Owl Midsized Thumbnail
Night Owl
Jade Fon Mittens in Monuent Valley Midsized Thumbnail
"Mittens" Monument Valley

Will Frates Falkerson Ranch Midsized Thumbnail
Falkerson Ranch
Will Frates Seaside Farm Midsized Thumbnail
Coastal Farm

Thelma Speed Houston Park Pond Midsized Thumbnail
Park Pond, Fallbrook, California

Thelma Speed Houston Augies Midsized Thumbnail

Thelma Speed Houston SF Fog Midsized Thumbnail
S.F. Fog

Houston Thelma Speed Plaza Entry Mid .jpg
Thelma Speed Houston Bell Tower Midsized Thumbnail
Bell Tower, San Luis Rey

Ralph Hulett 1915 - 1974
Ralph Hulett The Open Gate Midsized Thumbnail
The Open Gate
Ralph Hulett Fishing from a Beach Midsized Thumbnail
Shoreline Cliffs

Charles Keck Hillside Farmstead Midsized Thumbnail
Hillside Farmstead

Park Lake
Wayne LaCom
1922 -

Robert Landry Seagulls Midsized Thumbnail
"Foggy Morning Seaside"

Jake Lee Shack Midsized Thumbnail
Jake Lee 1915 - 1991 Jake Lee Tugboat Midsized Thumbnail
Jake Lee Koalas Midsized Thumbnail
Jake Lee Tug with Figure Midsized Thumbnail
Tug with figure
Jake Lee Cat Midsized Thumbnail

Alexander Nepote 1913 - 1986

Alexander Nepote Roadside Produce Stand Midsized Thumbnail
Produce Stand
Alexander Nepote Road to the Coast Midsized Thumbnail
"Road to the Coast" 1957

Alexander nepote Hilltop Farm Midsized Thumbnail
Hilltop farm buildings
(verso "Road to the Coast")

Alexander Nepote In Manner Of Stormy Skies Midsized Thumbnail
(Manner of Nepote)
Barn and Stormy Skies

Paul Starrett Sample
1896 - 1974
Paul Starrlett Sample Sleeping Farmer Midsized Thumbnail
"Sleeping Farmer"

Elmer Stanhope 1907 - 1956
Elmer Stanhope House by the Bay Midsized Thumbnail
"House by the Bay"
Elmer Stanhope Palladinis Fishing
"Palladinis Fish" 1950
Elmer Stanhope Barnward Trek Midsized Thumbnail
"Barnward Trek"

Charles Frederick Surendorf Landscape with Boulders Midsized Thumbnail
Landscape with Boulders

Lewis Suzuki
1920 -

Rene Weaver Toulumne River Midsized Thumbnail
Tuolumne River 1944

Ray Wilson
1906 - 1972

Milford Zornes 1908 - 2008
Milford Zornes Mt San Antonio Midsized Thumbnail
Mt. San Antonio 1989
Milford Zornes Rivers Bend Midsized Thumbnail
Rivers Bend 1948
Milford Zornes Orchard with Grey Skies
Orchard Under Grey Skies 1941