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Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Early California Art 19th Century Painters of Northern California
Exhibition and Sale : May and June, 2008

One hundred years ago, San Francisco and northern California became the artistic home of some exceptionally talented painters.

The Gold Rush had opened California's door, and the transcontinental railroad made travel here possible. California was new, a fascinating land brimming with promise and hope. Long before freeways, bridges, and urban sprawl, painters from Europe and the Eastern U.S. came to record California's diverse natural beauty.

Their work was prized by the patrons of their day, both locally and back East. The local paper, The San Francisco Call, wrote of these artists as local treasures. Fortunately for art lovers of our era, much of their work survives, and serves to remind us of our inheritance, this land which they so masterfully depicted for us.

Below is a list of the artists in our show, listed chronologically.

1831 - 1905 Meyer Straus
1836 - 1899 Ransome Gillet Holdredge
1837 - 1917 Carducius Plantagenet Ream*
1838 - 1911 William Keith
1840 - 1917 Kate Newhall
1841 - 1920 Carl Dahlgren
1850 - 1923 Napoleon Primo Vallejo
1851 - 1904 Horace Wolfe Duesbury
1851 - 1930 Alphonso Herman Broad
1852 - 1911 Charles S. Graham
1852 - 1941 James Everett Stuart
1854 - 1916 Hugo Anton Fisher

1856 - 1935 Manuel Valencia

1856 - 1925 Henrietta Riddell Fish
1856 - 1955 Carl Henrik Jonnevold
1857 - 1941 Lorenzo Palmer Latimer
1858 - 1957 Alice Hunt Curtis
1861 - 1919 J. Clinton Spencer*

1862 - 1906 William Weaver Armstrong
1863 - 1928 Frederick Stymetz Lamb
1863 - 1936 Harry Cassie Best
1864 - 1922 Nels Hagerup
1864 - 1949 William Frederic Ritschel
1864 - 1929 Richard DeTreville

1868 - 1937 Gordon Coutts
1868 - 1938 Marius Schmidt
1869 - 1939 George Arnold Weeden
1869 - 1940 Jack Wisby
1873 - 1957 Bertha Luce Emery
1876 - 1935 Sidney Tilden Daken
1880 - 1929 Benigino Yamero Ruiz
1880 - 1958 Gustave Liljestrom
1885 - 1946 Jan G. Vanderlinden
1885 - 1955 Grace Myrtle Allison Griffith

Birth date not known -1930 - Una Gray
No known dates - Nell Moody

* American, but not California artists

Each thumbnail below is linked to a page with larger photos.

William Weaver Armstrong 1862 - 1906

William Weaver Armstrong Sentinel Rock Yosemite Midsized Thumbnail
Sentinel Rock, Yosemite

William Weaver Armstrong was born during the Civil War in Ontario, New York. He moved west to the Bay Area with his parents in 1876, and the family settled in Oakland. William's father was an accomplished artist, and was Williams only teacher. William loved the wilds of Northern California, and painted scenes from Santa Cruz north to the Oregon border. To the disapproval of his parents, he married an Indian girl named Grace. To make ends meet, he was partner in a carriage painting firm on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. He contracted tuberculosis, and died at the young age of 44. His work resides in the governor's mansion in Carson City, Nevada and in the Oakland Museum. Return to Top of Page

Harry Cassie Best 1863 - 1936

Harry Cassie Best and his brother Arthur Best came to California after having been itinerate musicians in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. After their move to California, Arthur remained in San Francisco where he pursued his artistic career, establishing the Best Art School. Harry loved the Sierra, and settled in Yosemite Valley. He later met a young photographer and pianist in Yosemite who asked to play his parlor piano. Harry readily gave his permission, and in a short time, the young photographer became his son-in-law, Ansel Adams. After Harry died, his gallery in Yosemite became the Ansel Adams Gallery. Return to Top of Page

California Oaks and Pasture Path
California Oaks and Pasture Path
Harry Cassie Best Yosemite Valley 1915 Midsized Thumbnail
Yosemite Valley, 1915
Harry Cassie Best Yosemite Half Dome Midsized Thumbnail
Half Dome, Yosemite
Best Harry Cassie Mt Shasta Mid
Mt. Shasta
Best Harry Cassie Trees with Mt Shasta Mid .jpg
Mt. Shasta

Alphonso Herman Broad 1851 - 1930

In 1887, Alphonso Broad came to Berkeley at age 36. He began his working life as a carpenter, but quickly advanced to becoming a contractor and designer. Five of the buildings designed by Alphonso Broad were City of Berkeley Landmarks, including the original Whittier, LeConte and Columbus Schools.

He was active in Berkeley civic life, served on the Berkeley board of trustees, and became the ex-officio Superintendent of Streets. He was a friend and painting companion of William Keith. As a crowning touch for houses he designed, he had a habit of decorating them with one of his paintings. Return to Top of Page

Alphonso Broad Photo Alphonzo Broad Forest Stream Midsized Thumbnail
Forest Stream

Coutts Gordon Mid .jpg
Grazing below Mount Tamalpais
Gordon Coutts traveled far more than most people of his time and led a most interesting life. He was born in Scotland, studied art in Paris at the Julian Academy, lived in Melbourne, Australia, came to California and became a member of the Bohemian Club, visited Morocco, and finally established himself in Palm Springs.
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Gordon Coutts Upper Tuolumne Sundown Midsized Thumbnail
Upper Tuolumne Sundown
Gordon Coutts San Jacinto Morning
San Jacinto Morning
Coutts Gordon Shepherd Mid .jpg
Shepherd and sheep grazing
Gordon Coutts Beach Rodeo Cove Midsized Thumbnail
Beach Rodeo Cove

Alice Hunt Curtis Yosemite Valley Near Old Village 1937 Midsized Thumbnail
"Yosemite Valley near Old Village" 1937
Alice Hunt Curtis 1858 - 1957
Alice Hunt Curtis lived to be 99, and was an active artist in Northern California. Among her exhibitions are the Golden Gate Park Museum in 1915, the Oakland Art Gallery in 1917, and the De Young Museum in 1928. She was a member of the Society for Sanity in Art. Return to Top of Page

Carl Dahlgren 1841 - 1920
Dahlgren Carl Bridalveil Mid .jpg
Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite
Carl Dahlgren and his brother Marius came to America in 1872 from their native Denmark. Both brothers were exceptional painters, and after a brief stay in Salt Lake City, they came to the San Francisco Bay Area. Carl was known to include shafts of sunlight in many of his works and was known as "the sunshine painter." Today, both Carl and Marius have paintings in the permanent collection of the Oakland Museum. Return to Top of Page
Carl Dahlgren California Vista Thumbnail
California Vista
Dahlgren Carl Forest Stream Mid.jpg
Forest Stream
Dahlgren Carl Sheep Hillside Mid .jpg
Sheep on hillside
Dahlgren Carl Forest Path Mid.jpg
Forest Path

Sidney Tilden Daken 1876-1935
Sydney Tilden Daken Sunrise Sonoma County Midsized Thumbnail
Sunrise Sonoma County

Samuel Tilden Daken, also known as Sidney Tilden Daken. A prolific landscape painter, he painted in the redwoods, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Marin and Sonoma counties.

At age three Daken made the cross-country trek with his parents to California. When he was nine he began to learn the trade of decorator and mural painter. He studied briefly at the School of Design in San Francisco, but was mostly self-taught. The fire of 1906 destroyed his studio on Van Ness Avenue and much of his early work. He soon opened a studio in Santa Rosa. He taught there before joining the art faculty at Ursuline College in Sonoma.

By 1932 he was living in Los Angeles. For artists during the Depression survival was difficult. Daken spent his last years in the mountains near Georgetown, CA mining for gold. Return to Top of Page

Richard DeTreville 1864 - 1929
He was born in the in North Carolina in the midst of the Civil War. As a young man, he came to Stockton, California and began a publication called "Det's Magazine." In 1910, at the age of 46, he came to San Francisco and worked as a cartoonist for the Park Presidio News. As an accomplished and prolific self taught artist, he painted the natural beauty of California, long before freeways. Return to Top of Page
Richard DeTreville Mount Tam Midsized Thumbnail
Mount Tamalpais
Detreville Richard Crater Lake Wide Mid .jpg
Crater Lake
DeTreville Richard Seacoast Mid .jpg
Detreville Richard Crater Lake Mid .jpg
Crater Lake
Richard DeTreville Mallard Thumbnail
Flying Mallard

Horace Wolfe Duesbury 1851 - 1904
Horace Wolfe Duesbury Sierra Nevada lake with sailboat Midsized Thumbnail
Sierra Nevada lake with sailboat
In 1876, Horace Wolfe Duesbury arrived in California. The twenty-five year old left his native Sheffield, England to paint the natural beauty of California. He kept his studio on Market Street in San Francisco, and made his living doing landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. He lived in Portland between 1879 and 1886. His works have been exhibited by the California Historical Society and the De Young Museum. Return to Top of Page

Bertha Luce Emery was born near Chico on February 11, 1873.  At age four she moved to Ukiah with her parents.  She ran a millinery business in Ukiah while painting in her leisure.  A pupil of Grace Hudson and Lorenzo P. Latimer, she painted oils and watercolors of the flowering fields and mountains of Mendocino County.  She died in Ukiah on October 29, 1957.  Her paintings are held by the Society of California Pioneers and she participated in or was honored by several exhibitions, such as SFAA April 1906, Saturday Afternoon Club (Ukiah) 1930 (solo), CSL 1936 (solo), GGIE 1939 (gold medal), Mendocino County Historical Society 1987 (retrospective).
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Henrietta Riddell Fish 1856 - 1925
Henrietta Riddle Fish Marsh at Sunset Midsized Thumbnail
Marsh at sunset
Henrietta's family came to California during the Gold Rush and settled in the new state's capital, which at the time was in Benicia. She was educated at Benicia's Young Ladies Seminary, and had a hobby of keeping exotic pets, including snakes, alligators, and peacocks. She studied at the San Francisco School of Design and painted landscapes and portraits the rest of her life. Her work was also exhibited at the Women's Building at the World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. Return to Top of Page

A grandson and son of artists, Hugo Anton Fisher continued the family line by having two artist sons of his own, Hugo Melville Fisher and Harrison Fisher. Hugo Anton was keenly skilled at watercolors. He was born in Czechoslovakia and came to the US at age 20 in 1874. He and his wife moved to Alameda, CA in 1886 and he would ferry across the bay to his San Fancisco studio, sketching along the way. He painted scenes of marshes and local landscapes, often featuring dairy cattle. He was liked by the critics on both coasts. Like William Keith and other Bay Area artists of the time, Hugo Anton Fisher lost many paintings in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Return to Top of Page
Fisher Hugo Anton Cows Mid .jpg
Grazing cattle in expansive landscape
Fisher Hugo Pasture Pond Mid .jpg
Woman Fishing at Pasture Pond
Fisher Hugo Anton Marin Pastoral Mid .jpg
"Marin Pastoral"
Hugo Anton Fisher Rocky River Landscape Attributed Midsized Thumbnail
Rocky River Landscape
Hugo Anton Fisher Landscape Waterfall Midsized Thumbnail
Landscape Waterfall
Hugo Anton Fisher Sheep in Spring Meadow Midsized Thumbnail
Sheep in Spring Meadow
Fisher Hugo Anton Marsh Mid.jpg
Marsh landscape
Fisher Hugo Anton Cows in Marsh Mid .jpg
Cows in marsh
Hugo Anton Fisher Niagra Falls
Niagera Falls
Fisher Hugo Anton Bay Boat Mid .jpg
Bayshore with boat (Sold)
Fisher Hugo Anton Print Mid .jpg
Vintage Print 1893 "Homeward Bound"

Charles S Graham Mountain Path and Conifers Midsized Thumbnail Charles S. Graham 1852 - 1911

Well known Harper's Weekly artist Charles Graham traveled extensively through the west. He lived in California while doing freelance work for major newspapers in the East. He was member of the Bohemian Club. Return to Top of Page

Gray Una Mt Road Mid .jpg
Mt. Shasta
Una Gray Mt Hood Oregon Midsized Thumbnail
Mt. Hood
Gray Una Seacoast Mid .jpg

Photo of Grace Griffith circa 1905
Photo of Grace Griffith, circa 1905

Grace Myrtle Allison Griffith 1885 - 1955

A native Californian, Grace was the daughter of a successful fruit farmer who is credited with bringing the Gravenstein Apple to Sebastopol. She studied art in San Francisco with Lorenzo P. Latimer, and later had a gallery in Honolulu with her sister Alice. She met with critical success in London and was a member of the Royal Watercolor Society. Many of her works depict the pastoral tranquility of Sonoma and Marin Counties. She worked mostly with watercolor, but did produce some works in oil.
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Grace Allison Griffith Pasture Path Midsized Thumbnail
Pasture Path
Grace Allison Griffith California Oak and Sheep Midsized Thumbnail
California Oak and Sheep
Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Stream Midsized Thumbnail
Oak and Stream
Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Spring Midsized Thumbnail
Mossy Oak and Spring
  Grace Allison Griffith Pasture and Eucalyptus Midsized Thumbnail
Pasture and Eucalyptus

Nels Hagerup 1864 - 1922

Nels Hagerup created stunning scenes of the Pacific and San Francisco Bay. He is descended from an artistic Norwegian family which included the famed composer, Edvard Hagerup Grieg. He studied art in Berlin and Copenhagen before joining the merchant marine and making his way to Portland, Oregon in 1882. He remained in Portland, teaching art and helping found the Portland Art Association. Nels met and married another Norwegian immigrant and artist, Harriet Marie Hageman Hagerup  (1851 - 1918). They had a home less than a block south of Golden Gate Park and three blocks from the Pacific. Often, Nels would walk down to the beach and paint. Nels supplemented his art income by working as a stevedore on the docks of San Francisco. Return to Top of Page

Hagerup Nels Across Golden Gate Mid .jpg
Across the Golden Gate
Nels Hagerup Docked by the Bay Midsized Thumbnail
Docked by the Golden Gate
Hagerup Nels Seaside Cliff Mid .jpg
Seaside cliff - SOLD
Sunset Beach, San Francisco
Hagerup Nels Raccoon Straits Mid .jpg
"Raccoon Straits"
Hagerup Nels Dune Grasses Mid .jpg
Dune grasses
Hagerup Nels Blazing Sunset Mid .jpg
Blazing sunset
Nels Hagerup Beached Schooner Midsized Thumbnail
Beached Schooner
Hagerup Nels Breakers at Sunset Mid .jpg
Breakers at sunset
Hagerup Nels Surf Crashing Mid .jpg
Surf Crashing

T Harris Mt Jefferson Midsized Thumbnail
Mt. Jefferson
T. Haris 19th century


T. Haris is a 19th century listed artist indicated as having been active in Yosemite circa 1895. He is noted for paintings of Yosemite, mountains, and landscapes.
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Ransome Gillet Holdredge 1836 - 1899
Ransome Holdredge Cabin in the Readwoods Midsized Thumbnail
Cabin in
the Redwoods
In his day, Ransom Holdredge was considered by some to be a better painter than his contemporary, William Keith. Ransome was born in New York City in 1836. Like many of the 49ers during the Gold Rush, he came to San Francisco in the 1850's via the Panama Canal, and became a draftsman at the Mare Island Navy Yard in Vallejo. In 1874, the 38 year old traveled to Paris and was intrigued by the Barbizon School. When he returned to America, he became a field artist for Schribner's which allowed him to travel the west. He accompanied Major Reno during Custer's last stand in 1876. Back in San Francisco, he was a cofounder of the San Francisco Art Association and a member of the Bohemian Club. His works are in the Bohemian Club collection, the Oakland Museum, the Orange County Museum, the Crocker Museum, the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley and the California Historical Society.
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Ransome Holderidge Birch Trees at Sunset Midsized Thumbnail
Birch Trees
at Sunset

Carl Henrik Jonnevold 1856-1955

Carl Jonnevold was born in Norway and came to California in the 1870's. He painted first in the Northwest, but then settled in San Francisco. He established a studio which he maintained for many years. In the very early years of the twentieth century, he traveled in Europe, living for brief periods in Munich and Paris where he was greatly influenced by 19th century French landscape painters. Return to Top of Page
Carl Jonnevold Indian on horseback Yosemite Valley late 1880's Midsized Thumbnail
Indian Rider, Yosemite Valley
Carl Henrik Jonnevold Moonlight over the River Thames in London Midsized Thumbnail
Moonrise over the River Thames
Carl Jonnevold A verdant landscape Midsized Thumbnail
A verdant landscape

William Keith 1838 - 1911
William Keith's painting career was new when California was new. He arrived before the transcontinental railroad, and lived through the great '06 quake in San Francisco. Among Keith's freinds were naturalist and writer John Muir, industrialist E. H. Harriman, and fellow artists Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Hill. Return to Top of Page

Frederick Stymetz Lamb 1863 - 1928
Frederick Stymetz Lamb Berkeley Hills Midsized Thumbnail
View from the Berkeley Hills
Frederick Stymetz Lamb left New York and came to California for health reasons when he was fifty-nine years old. He studied at the Art Student's League in New York and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He was known for his murals and stained glass designs. He made Berkeley his home and kept a summer home on the Mendocino Coast in Fort Bragg. Return to Top of Page

Lorenzo Palmer Latimer
1857 - 1941

Born in Placerville and raised in Sonoma County, Lorenzo Latimer came to San Francisco to study art. He became friends with Jules Tavernier who greatly influenced his art. Later, he became a teacher, and among his students were Grace Allison Griffith and Bertha Luce Emery. Return to Top of Page


Lorenzo Palmer Latimer Redwoods Midsized Thumbnail

Gustave Liljestrom 1880 - 1958
Gustave Liljextrom Mountain Lake Midsized Thumbnail
Mountain Lake
Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Gustave moved to the United States at age 22 in 1902. He and his brother first worked as copper miners in Arizona. Gustave was inspired by the Southwest to become a painter. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago, and then spent some time in China studying Chinese painting, sculpture and architecture. In 1909, Liljestrom worked as a designer and Oriental expert for Gump's in San Francisco. In the 1930's, he began a series of exhibitions which included Edgar Payne, Armin Hansen, William Ritschel, Arthur Hill Gilbert, William Wendt and himself. He was member of the Bohemian Club and the Society for Sanity in Art. Return to Top of Page

Nellie Moody Grapes Midsized Thumbnail

Nellie Moody 19th Century

Nellie Moody lived in Sonoma, California in the late 19th century. This exceptional still life is dated 1877. This is all that is known of her at present.
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Kate Newhall Wave Breaking on Rocks Midsized Thumbnail
Wave Breaking on Rocks

Kate Newhall 1840 - 1917

Kate Newhall was a sketching partner of William Keith, and is known for landscapes and coastal scenes, many of San Francisco Bay. She didn't arrive in California until later in her life. In 1897 at the age of 57, she arrived with her brother, Charles Newhall, a roving missionary. After a brief stay in Redlands, she moved to Berkeley and became a student of William Keith. She was able to support herself with her art, focusing on California scenes from Santa Barbara, Monterey, Lake Tahoe, and of course San Francisco Bay. Return to Top of Page

Carducius Plantagenent Ream 1837 - 1917

Carducius Plantagenet Ream became Chicago’s most famous still life painter, and is known best for his paintings of fruit. Peaches were his favorite, and the sliver platter appears in other paintings. In his early painting career, Carducius exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London, and studied in London, Paris, and Munich. After returning to America, he studied in New York. He was the first artist to be included in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a prosperous artist, and exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association from 1872 -1879, the Royal Academy of London in 1892 and 1898 and at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1894 - 1909. Return to Top of Page

Carducius Plantagenent Ream Peaches on Silver circa 1909 Midsized Thumbnail
Peaches on Silver, circa 1909

William Frederick Ritschel Boats in the Surf Midsized Thumbnail
William Ritschel studied art at the Royal Academy in Munich before emigrating to New York City in 1895. Much of his young life was spent at sea, and it is not surprising that as an artist his focus was on capturing the sea with its many personalities. Ritschel settled in Carmel in 1911, becoming one of the first artists to establish residence there subsequent to the devastating earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, and that is where he died in 1949. On the rocky cliffs of Carmel Heights he built a home called "Castellammare", named for an Italian seaport town south of Naples. Return to Top of Page

Benigino Yamero Ruiz 1880 - 1929

Benigino came to California from Peru as a teenager in the 1890's. He was strongly influenced by the Barbizon school, and painted many scenes of the Bay Area in much the same style as William Keith. Like Keith, Ruiz would utilize the tops of wooden cigar boxes for small paintings. Return to Top of Page

Marius Schmidt Redwoods Stream Midsized Thumbnail
Redwoods Stream

Marius Schmidt 1868 - 1938
Marius Schmidt was born in Kolding, Denmark in 1868 and showed artistic talents early on. His father disapproved of his son's interest in art, and sent him in 1880 at age 12 to live with his uncle in the United Staes. Fortunately, his American uncle appreciated young Marius' talents, encouraged him, and later sent him back to Denmark to study with notable Danish artists. When he returned to America, he settled in California. He lived in Oakland from 1909 to 1917, and painting coastal scenes, landscapes, California Missions and gardens. He exhibited with the San Francisco Art Association.
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Marius Schmidt Coastal View Midsized Thumbnail
Coastal View

J. Clinton Spencer 1861 - 1919

J Clinton Spencer Currants Midsized Thumbnail

Meyer Straus Cows and Calf Midsized thumbnail
Cows and Calf

Meyer Straus 1831 - 1905

Meyer Straus emigrated to America from Bavaria. He worked as a theater set designer and painter in St. Louis, New Orleans, Chicago and San Francisco. Throughout, he dedicated himself to easel painting. In San Francisco, he maintained a Montgomery Street studio, and made sketching trips throughout Oregon and Northern California. He was a member of the Bohemian Club and the San Francisco Art Association. His works reside in the California Historical Society, the Nevada Museum, and the Oakland Museum.
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Straus Meyer Barnyard Friends Mid .jpg
"Barnyard Friends"
Straus Meyer Log Cabin Mid .jpg
Log Cabin, California
Straus Meyer Cows in Stream Mid .jpg
Cows in forest stream

James Everett Stuart 1852 - 1941

James Everett Stuart came to San Francisco when he was eight. He studied painting with Thomas Hill and William Keith, and was an adherent of the Barbizon school in his early painting days. He painted extensively throughout the American West, holding a special fascination for Yellowstone and Alaska. He maintained a studio near Union Square, was a member of the Bohemian Club, and has a painting in the White House collection. Return to Top of Page
James Everett Stuart Road Oak and Bay Trees Midsized Thumbnail
Roadway between Oak & Bay Trees,
Marin County (1916)
James Everett Stuart Mount Shasta 1921 Midsized Thumbnail
"Sunset Glow"
Mt. Shasta (1921)
James Everett Stuart Exposed Reef Sitka 1891 midsized Thumbnail
"Exposed Reef "
Sitka Sound 1891

Manuel Valencia 1856 - 1935

Manuel Valencia was born six years after California had become a state. His family were aristocrats in the previous Mexican era of California's history. His grandfather came to Alta California and was administrator of the Presidio in San Francisco. Manuel was a commercial artist and art editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and his position was paid for by art patron, M. H. de Young. He maintained studios in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey, where he focused on tonalist style works including nocturnes. He exhibited at fine galleries in San Francisco and New York, including Delmonico's Restaurant. President William McKinley purchased a Valencia painting of Yosemite. Return to Top of Page
Manuel Valencia Redwood Forest Midsized Thumbnail
Redwood Forest
Manuel Valencia Lupines by the Monterey Coast Midsized Thumbnail
Lupines on the Northern Coast
Manuel Valencia Atmospheric Landscape Midsized Thumbnail
After Rain
Manuel Valencia Haywagon Thumbnail

Napoleon Primo Vallejo 1850 - 1923
Napoleon Primo Vallejo Pacific Wave Midsized Thumbnail
Pacific Wave
A year after the 49er Gold Rush, Napoleon Primo Vallejo was born the year California became a state. In his lifetime, he saw major changes in California. In his teens, he saw the effects of the transcontinental railroad, and at age 56, he saw the great 1906 San Francisco quake. His father was General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and his mother was Benicia. Although an accomplished painter, Napoleon spent much time and effort recording his family's history, some of which was published in the San Francisco Chronicle in the early 1920's. Return to Top of Page

Jan G. Vanderlinden 1885 - 1946
Dutch born Jan Vanderlinden was an artist in the Bay Area in the 1930's. He then moved to Los Angeles where he died in 1946. Return to Top of Page

Jan Vanderlinden Into the Wind Midsized Thumbnail
Into the wind

George Arnold Weeden Redwoods on Hillside Midsized Thumbnail
Redwoods on Hillside
George Arnold Weeden 1869 - 1939
George Arnold Weeden was born in Provedence, Rhode Island in 1869. At age 37, he arrived in San Francisco in 1906. He resided in the city the rest of his life, dying in San Francisco in 1939. Return to Top of Page

Jack Wisby Mt Tamalpais Midsized Thumbnail
Mt. Tamalpais
Jack Wisby 1869 - 1940
Twenty-Three year old Jack Wisby and his fiancee Mary Anne Fossey arrived in San Francisco from their native London in 1869. Without formal art training, he made many sketch trips around Northern California. After the 1906 earthquake, he moved to Inverness near Point Reyes, and in 1912, settled in Bolinas. He is known for many scenes of Marin County. He exhibited with the Berkeley Art Association, the Torrence Gallery in San Anselmo, and his works reside in the Oakland Museum and the San Mateo County Historical Museum. Return to Top of Page